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CoSC - 4 Clans, 4 Trees
Long ago in the days of the great clans lived two cats who belonged to LionClan. The tom was called Cynelic and was tawny with long, dark hair on his neck and around his head. The she-cat was called Cwen, and she was large and golden like Cynelic but lacked the rough of hair the tom had. Legends say that these two cats were the Leader and Medicine Cat of LionClan. For many seasons the story tells of a coming of beasts with spotted pelts that looked very strange. Their necks were long and strong, but the ears small and round. The forelegs were longer than the hind and they had little more than a stump for a tail. These beasts, however, travel
CoSC - The Mothkit Queston
Bloodstar moved silently through the chilled tunnel, out of the sunshine that gleamed outside. The Moonstone was reflecting the sun's brilliance as he approached, glowing like a miniature underground sun. The big red tom cat took a deep breath and stretched out on the stone, his nose pressed to the sun warmed quartz. Sleep enfolded him... ...Bloodstar blinked as awareness returned and he emerged into the strange dreamscape so like the forest he knew. There was no cat in sight immediately, but they all seemed to like making an appearance. As if on cue a familiar orange-furred form glimmered into focus. "Gingertail." Bloodstar couldn't help bu
CoSC - Redpelt to Bloodpelt
Redpelt's tail lashed in irritation behind him as he watched the clan leave the camp. He, a brand new warrior, had been left behind. It just wasn't right and his amber eyes reflected this, gleaming savagely in the moonlight. So he'd killed that RiverClanner. It's not like it had had any right to be where it was. Fiercestar would have approved, not punished him. He would have purred with pride and told him he was right to eliminate a threat against his clan. But Fiercestar was dead because he'd gotten sick and had left Redpelt to cope with Twilightstar and her claims that killing trespassers was killing in cold blood. There has been nothing co
A Heart Shattered
A single moment. A heart-shaking moment. A heart-shattering moment. Exuberant spirit, Exuberant boy. Summerland's Call, come far too soon. Darling heart-thief, Handsome boy. Summerland's Call, to tear you from me. In a single moment. In a heart-rending moment. In a soul-crushing moment. Chipped heart, Shattered heart. My boy, my darling, my handsome. No words for the moment of my terror. A mother's heart has been broken. In a single moment. In breath-stealing moment. In a heart-breaking moment. A mother's heart has been broken.
Lost by Self
Kings have passed and then been crowned While duchess, earlquess, queen are married In time long lost and then new found As things deep felt are now deep buried Pain of loss and gain confused By time and self beyond new harm Things your heart as not refused Like an attempted healing charm From your heart such seeds are sown Into dark earth the hurt is hidden From all this pain new things have grown Given over to the healing as bidden In pain you've cast what you have felt From the hand that fate had delt
Phantom Wings
Memories raw, like knife deep cuts. Of your life lost to phantoms' wings. Healing is still so far away, I wish I knew quite what to say. A day intended to welcome you home, You were taken to summerland on Phantom's wings. Healing is still so far away, I wish I didn't remember that day. With heartache I cry out your name, With regret I dream, that only I'd known. Healing is still so far away, May you with Goddess hear as I pray. Someday I know that the pain will fade, Though still I will hear you on Phantom wings. You'll watch as I heal, It's not too far away, That day when I'll finally know what to say. My darling Tavuu, a bir
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