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Greater Dragon of Paradise

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Oh boi, this was fun to work on! I wanted to practice going from gray scale to color, and wow... I learned a lot. Used my newest design to do this and I'm loving him so far haha. Haven't come up with a name yet, but I think he's gorgeous ;3c Still more I want to try on this, but maybe at another time.

His design was inspired by one of my most favorite birds, the Greater Bird-of-Paradise. Feathers are... interesting to paint lol. Decided to make the image somewhat symmetrical too~

Art: Kitsooki
Character: Kitsooki
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How about Torriu Dainah?

Derived from the following:
偉大な [Idaina] - Great
龍 [Ryu] - Dragon
鳥 [Tori] - Bird

Anyway, this is absolutely beautiful, Dani.  Wonderful work indeed.