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So I just reinstalled my tablet after having it in a box for like 2 years now...

Sooo, I'm just practicing a little here and there.. trying to get back into the swing of things again, y'know?

So I thought I'd start simple, since I'm not very skilled with a tablet yet. :] Here is a small fox. Looking confused.
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no pupils.  Must be blind.  Poor guy.
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Lol it haz no pupils!so derpy.😺
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I had a friend request that I make a fox collage for her and she gave me a ton of pictures she had collected for me to work with and your fox was one of them. It was just a personal project among friend's so I hope you don't mind. I featured your fox on my journal and have a link to your dev art on my blog page. If you would like me to take the pictures offline just let me know. I really hope you don't mind that this was done. (I won't be posting the collage on devart since there are just way to many photos to try and hunt down to attribute to artists and I haven't a clue where she got all the other photos from...) [link]
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Hi there,

I know this is 5 months late, but thanks for letting me know about your collage. I appreciate you taking the time to message me. Your collage is super adorable. Obviously, a project among friends is totally fine. I'm flattered you used my fox, and again, I'm grateful you took the time to link me to your blog. :)
Nice work!
Hey Kit, i'm looking for someone to make me a profile pic for youtube. I really like the pic u drew here and i was wondering if u could make me something like it that i could use for my pic. if u could message me back it would be much appreciated thanks :D
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Many thanks for the approval! :hugs:
love this pic could you do it fer a kitty
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I got this on skin =P first self tattoo.. need an retouch but still cool
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may I borrow this?
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As long as you're not publishing it, sure!
Just send me a link to where you're using it, or let me know.

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cute i love it, i need a tablet, im still scanning my pencil sketches in with the printer. :dohtwo:
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Thanks. :)
That's alright, that's a great way to start.
It helps the transfer quality too if you ink your sketch before scanning, with a dark colored pen and then erase your sketch lines. :3
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lol hes all like O.O
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Smooth looking lines, babe.

Do I smell an art trade in the not so distant future?
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well thank you, dahling. it's a work in progress. :]

You just may! Goodness, I am terribly slow at this though..
P.S. did you ever get my gift in the mail I sent to you?
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XD haven't we been through this?
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hahahah <3333
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