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MtC | Possible Older Berry...? by Kitshim MtC | Possible Older Berry...? :iconkitshim:Kitshim 4 0 MtC | The Lion Sleeps Tonight by Kitshim MtC | The Lion Sleeps Tonight :iconkitshim:Kitshim 11 2 MtC | wow by Kitshim MtC | wow :iconkitshim:Kitshim 8 0 Fernpaw's Improvement (2018-2011) by Kitshim Fernpaw's Improvement (2018-2011) :iconkitshim:Kitshim 5 2 MtC | Berrykit of Lionclan by Kitshim MtC | Berrykit of Lionclan :iconkitshim:Kitshim 6 2 MtC | Kill or be killed?... by Kitshim
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MtC | Kill or be killed?... :iconkitshim:Kitshim 8 0
MtC | Sleepless Nights
Foxtail couldn't bother to stay in his nest any longer, his mind was racing far too much for the russet-colored tom to get any rest. He was even disturbing some of the other warriors who growled softly at the large warrior. Not wanting to snap at anyone and risk waking the entire camp up, he rose to his paws and shook the moss free from his pelt. Making sure not to step on any of his denmate's tails, he crept over the sleeping bodies and then pushed himself out of the den. The cool green-leaf air greeted the warrior with a soft breeze, carrying the scent of life along with it. Foxtail took a deep breath, letting his eyes flutter shut as he held it and then exhaled.
It was... peaceful.
Foxtail padded towards the clearing, passing by the leader's den. He could hear Mossstar snoring inside and hearing her caused a tiny smile to break his usually angered-looking face. Making sure he was quiet, he peeked inside to see that she was rolled onto her back, belly exposed in the air a
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MtC | Get ready... by Kitshim MtC | Get ready... :iconkitshim:Kitshim 12 0 MtC | Sun child by Kitshim MtC | Sun child :iconkitshim:Kitshim 3 1
MtC | Unlikely Friends
[ Pipitpaw | LC Apprentice | Tigerclan-Lionclan Border ] 

Upon slipping away from Featherheart to go do some hunting, the lanky sand-colored feline tasted the air for any prey. It had been a full moon (plus a few days) since Lionclan attacked Tigerclan, and unfortunately, they learned nothing on Mintleaf's death and it resulted in more cats dying. Shivering at the memory, he crept along the undergrowth, his green eyes slits as he caught on to something. The sound of the river was coming up ahead and he knew that this was the former Riverclan border. When the mouse that he had caught wind of was within his eyesight, the apprentice halted, bunched up his hind legs and then pounced. Swiftly, he caught the prey and then puffed his chest out in pride, his large ears flicking in joy.
[ Batpaw | TC Apprentice | Tigerclan-Lionclan Border ] 
Batpaw found himself wandering. He wandered when he
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This account shall be used for my cat roleplays.

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Name: Amber
Gender/Sex: (cis) Female
Sexuality: Demisexual / Straight
Age: 20
Birthday: April 2nd
Height: 5 feet (152 cm)
Star-Sign: Aries

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Just did a mass update with my MoonsToCome characters! All histories and relationships should be up-to-date minus a few relationships here and there!
I'm almost at 200 watchers!!!!! aaaaaaa Thank you so much everyone!
How do I make PMVs, anyone know of any good tutorials? 
I'm going to be doing a mass application update (bio-wise) for Clementine, Remiel, and Solace! Be aware!
Hey guys! Ya'll should totally check out aleskay his art is amazing and he is such a sweet person!!!! He is so close to 700 subscribers 
:new: Any new Lionclanners will receive a headshot of their character <3 (idea inspired by @/catcanoe)

:iconmoonstocome: WE ARE NOW OPEN FOR NEW APPLICATIONS!! GET 'EM IN, we can't wait to see you~!


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