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Golden dragon


"It was a dark, cold and rainy night. A small golden creature shimmied through a hole in a wall. It shook it's small body, water droplets spraying in every direction. It looked around its gem like ruby eyes scanned the building it entered.
It was noisy and dark but not like the outside from which it came. There were lights shinning on the fake tree it sat in as it landed. It shook it's head releasing itself of more water droplets.
It took to the air and flew around the light investigating the strange source of light. It purred lightly at the worth it face of and landed on the rim, it club tipped tail swishing. It crawled Garth into the shell, closer to the light and watched the people put on some strange performance. It cocked it's head in confusion but watched intently.
Soon the small creature was warned and as he crawled to the rim more lights flickered on and it shrunk back and waited, covering it's sensitive ears as the roar of the crowd grew.
It sat there chewing its claws and it's shelled ears twitching at the voices below.
Minutes later the light flickered on and off, the noise dying down to a softer sound. But once the lights shut off again, the noise ceased and it purred, now was its chance to leave the warmth of the light. In the cover of the darkened room it slipped out of the light and flew around until it found the small hole it shimmied through and returned to the outdoors, the ice pouring rain now a drizzle. This was more like it, the small critter could fly easier now that the rain wasn't so heavy. It flew into the sky, continuing its way home its belly full, its body warm."

Last night was one of the two nights of the 30th annual Alumni Play my town puts on every year.  
last night at the play a bug was flying around one of the stage lights and it looked like it had a tail and it landed on the rim of the light and all i could see was its "tail" and it looked like it was swishing so my mind immediately though omg tiny little dragon so at the intermission i typed away on my ipod a short little thing of it coming inside the school and flying around the light and landing. so that is the inspiration of this little dragon. it is the size of a dragonfly. 

stock/textures images used to color this
Inside of wings and underbelly: Gold textureby :iconalmudena-stock:
Eyes: Gold Pendant - Ruby by :icondori-stock:
horns and body: Gold Metal Wrinkled Paper and Acrylic Gold Paint Swirl Stock by :iconenchantedgal-stock:

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