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As we are rounding out the busier times of this years Fetes I wanted to toss up a new OTA. 
This design was a REALLY rough two year old sketch I redid and made a new bean, I did most of him on stream. 
I love how this came out and I know I'm slightly breaking my own rules on holiday traits but I really wanted a winter winter/fluff dragon ok?

Also I'll be doing a lot of raffle/freebie stuff in stream for Clokies startinf Monday 8-9 AM CST

** Traits **
Hybrid [Mutation] - Feathered/demonic wings [Mutation] - Antlers [Ultra Rare] - Dragon tail [Mutation] - Small Ears [ Holiday ] - Scales [Mutation] - Cloth wings [Uncommon] - Tarnished [Ultra Rare]

If you aren't a part of the BOC Maybe check it out since you'll get Centhi when buying an adopt ~ :

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- 

OTA: OFFER TO ADOPT OPEN FOR 1-4(Ish) days depending on the offer ~!

Money | Art | Wishlist::…  | Clokies/ Maybe customs | Any design or CS by Smooshkin (MYO's OK) |DND Things (Dice/OCS/Books etc)

***For art we ask that art be done within a month. We love all sorts of art so feel free to offer what you'd like.
Min money offer: $80 ( you can go lower if offering something x money! ) 
If the offer goes over $250 ( In art/Designs or money) I will work on an extra lined and colored headshot like::   Headshot by kitdopts

Private offers are allowed via note/DM's, however your name will be listed publicly on the ML once the design is uploaded.
Small fairy creatures with strong magical skill

Clokies are a CS and you may not make your own without kitdopts's permission. 


  • This cloki sale is AS IS. You may NOT edit the art without the permission of the artists. Don't majorly change the design. No traits, or species changes. This is strictly for those interested in owning a Cloki.
  • USD by PayPal only if offering money. There are also no refunds. All sales are final. For art the design isn't yours till you are DONE with the art. 
  • Don't complain about the prices. They are based on how much time went into them and traits.
  • You must pay within 24 hours
  • You don't need to join the Cloki group but I suggest it if your interested in the species! Clokies.
  • No holds, period. ** Do not offer anything your not willing to trade/do. Retracting offers will get you banned from future OTA's/Auctions
  • If you sell them, you sell them for what you paid unless you've added extra artwork. ( Gifts cannot be added to the price. )
  • The gender can be changed. Remember that Clokies can change their sex at will, too!
You must agree to my adopt TOS -Aᴅᴏᴘᴛ ᴛ.ᴏ.s  ( My Adopt TOS is now updated so please make sure to read it!) 
Not reading my TOS is NOT a valid excuse to break it.
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Such a goood bEAN oTL

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Omg this little one is gorgeous..
i could offer three shaded busts, a shaded halfbody and two fullbodies.

i could also add on this Roseilorn
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$40 and
3 Painted Headshots In this style:…
2 Painted Half Bodies/Or Sketched Options Ex::…

Feel free to look through my Examples here ( or on TH (
) If you see anything else that I can do? :0
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Idk that I have anything your looking for ^^`
Max I can offer is $10 (I'm really tight on money) with 2-3 fullbodies. Can't be super complicated designs tho... I can add 2 busts to it too (same as above)
And maybe a kid or 2 from my TH? Tho I'm kinda picky when it comes to kids.

Art examples on my page/ here
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they're so cute! can i offer 4 full body 
White Day entry | Hikaru,s strawberry cookies by Nyah2
DTIYS by Nyah2
Snailtails myo | Kokoro by Nyah2
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A a a this is SO COOL!!! I'll throw an offer in,I can offer 2 fullbodies and a halfbody
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