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NaNoEmo 2016 Challenge Day 5

Entry for :iconnanoemo: NaNoEmo 2016 Challenge :la:

*The Three Little Pigs first appeared in The Nursery Rhymes of England (1886), by James Orchard Halliwell-Phillipps.
**P.I.G. (Pigs In Government) founded by Practical Pig.
***Fizzler Pig, named so due to his choice of armoury, that is hand-grenades, and those usually being blanks that they are remnants of a war long long ago.
***Fiddler Pig, doesn't really have a violin in his violin case at all, yet always have it with him.
***Practical Pig, the most ingenious of the lot.  Currently running for Mayor with an undisclosed amount of funding's available. Owner of "Brigs&Co" from which he has an unaccounted number of buildings, renting them out to affordable prices. As well as running the "Official Security Service" imposed upon shopkeepers and building renters in the areas where he has his hoof on. Also the owner of "Water for Pigs" through which he supplies numerous shops with liquor and other necessities that may be desired.
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