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Leave it to Lapis [Part 1]

Character  Lapis WintersCharacter  Miles HayesLocation  Vera's Basement
Welcome to the 22nd episode of Loving Lapis!
Miles agrees to help Lapis show off this cool spy device,
but neither of them realize how complicated this machine can be.

In order to attract people to her streams, Lapis likes to show off a lot of the cool gadgets and devices she finds at her friend Vera's house. Vera is a retired secret agent, and therefore has plenty of old tools and machines left over from her time working as a spy for the government. Vera will still use these tools to help her deal with the people who cause problems for herself or Lapis. 

Vera doesn't like it when Lapis plays with her spy stuff, especially when they are shown on a stream. These gadgets are dangerous and meant to be kept a secret. Every time Lapis steals one to use in a stream, Vera has to scold the girl not to do it again. The scolding never works, of course, and Lapis always ends up stealing another device without Vera knowing.

Lapis only ever takes the devices that she's seen Vera use once before. Usually these tools are used on bullies and trolls who try to harass Lapis on the internet. Vera always manages to track these trolls down and will usually bring them back to her house to teach these bullies a lesson. Lapis will usually get to watch Vera do her work on these bullies, but never really understands what's happening. Vera always uses tickling for her punishments since it never leaves a permanent mark and can be quite intense when induced by a professional. Lapis always sees the tickling and just assumes that Vera is playing a game.

One of the more common tools that Vera uses in her punishments is an interrogation machine that can be used to both restrain and tickle any person sitting in it. The first time Lapis ever saw this thing used, she knew she had to use it in a stream. It took some time to figure out how Vera turned the thing on, but once Lapis knew how it worked, she got Miles to agree to test it.

Lapis figured out how to turn the machine on,
but she was surprised to learn that turning it off was less simple.

Awesome artwork by (Luci) Twomario

 More on Lapis ] - [ More on Miles ]

 [Part 1]
 [Part 2]
(coming soon)
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Ycaran's avatar

i can smell two distress scenes and a very dumb and painful way to die

ReaverPan's avatar

uhoh, looks like things got out of hand. this should be interesting~

Filletmyingyawn492's avatar

Ohhhhhhh Lapis is gonna have a fun time regardless! Hope she extracts Miles’ secrets 🤩🤩🤩. Very nice coloring!

Kitla-Valkyrie's avatar

She might have a hard time getting any secrets out of him with a gag over his mouth. xD

LightworkerLeader's avatar

I can just imagine their YouTube channel XD

Kitla-Valkyrie's avatar

Lapis drags Miles into situations like these all the time. You'd think they would both be used to things going wrong, but it always manages to surprise them each time.

Still, stuff like this makes for GREAT content! :D

Seems to be funn.

xxxchaostrooperxxx's avatar

wow miles is cuteeeeeeeeeeee

Kitla-Valkyrie's avatar

Too cute for his own good. ;p

Victoryano's avatar

WOW. This is very exciting. It's wonderful, great job. And wow, his poor thing, so bad what's going on:devilish:

Kitla-Valkyrie's avatar

Yeah, good thing Miles has his extra competent (and totally not ditzy) friend Lapis to help get him out of this!

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