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   Status- OPEN    

My Point commissions are open again, so you can get one if you want, please read the bottom of the page to see how to place an order and remember,
only 3 at a time per person ^^

 NEW! Added Discord server!


My point commission cost journal!

MY TERMS OF SERVICE Terms of Service    

OK here is what I can do for you

!If you have no references it will cost 100 extra points for me to draw from worded description!
Also, these prices do not include which style you want it in, some styles cost more

(I am no longer taking outfit commissions)

:bulletgreen: If you're looking to have a reference of your character drawn, check out this template
{Character reference Template by kitkatnis}

:bulletgreen: Still stamp Another Sound Ninja Stamp by kitkatnis- 30 :points:

Multiple picture stamp Zeon Bell stamp by kitkatnis -50 :points:

:bulletgreen: Sketches 30% off of what it would cost colored.

:bulletgreen: Close ups Habits by kitkatnis  Blue by kitkatnis 300-:points:
:bulletgreen: Waist or Knee upSunshine by kitkatnis Kitty Undies by kitkatnis400 -Points
:bulletgreen: full body Sly Devil by kitkatnis   Princess Ruto by kitkatnis 500-Points

Bullet; Green Additional characters will plus the cost per character.



Bullet; Green simple or no Backgrounds are free, like any of the examples above or these:
Fox in Adidas by kitkatnisYou color My world by kitkatnisShikaTema November 2019 by kitkatnisJade Nectar (Contest Entry) by kitkatnisHappily ever afterlife by kitkatnis


     Complicated backgrounds or scenes     

I'd much rather just draw your characters and not do scenes/elaborate backgrounds, so from now on, scene commissions will be much
more expensive due to the time it takes me to set them up and complete them.
Such as:
Supper by kitkatnis Kimoshu and Yairuke (7 Year Anniversary) by kitkatnis Farewell by kitkatnis Navidad by kitkatnis
1,000 :points: (if there isn't much in the scene background I may be able to take the price down some.)



Send me a NOTE or ask for my commission Discord server link
you may ask me first if I can do what you want and how much it might be.
You can just copy and paste fill this out and send it to me, I will make you fill it out anyway.
And if you order 2 commissions, fill it out twice, not both in one.

Character/s Names:
Character reference: (as many characters are there are/even canon characters)
Full body, half body, etc:
Art Style: The Usual (or link me to a specific style you've seen me use)
Any other details:


Go ahead and join a chat with me before placing your order in a note

Bullet; Green Bullet; Green Bullet; Green My waiting list is on my page, on the left somewhere at the bottom, you can see if I have commissions ahead of yours Bullet; Green Bullet; Green Bullet; Green 


thank you for doing business with me :clap:
© 2014 - 2021 kitkatnis
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ali-bey-of-algiers's avatar

In general are you willing to draw anything as long as it's human/humanoid?

I don't have discord btw

kitkatnis's avatar

not exactly, I will do animals, furries and stuff like that, it mostly just depends on what it is, if it looks too difficult I'll just let you know :)

I encourage everyone to just ask about something

Llama Emoji 34 (Sexy Smile) [V2]

ali-bey-of-algiers's avatar

I've sent you a note

Lady1Venus's avatar

are you still doing point commissions?

kitkatnis's avatar

yes. if you have discord, I have a commission server

Lady1Venus's avatar

I have no points right now. But it has been something I've been wondering about for awhile now. I've wondered if people still did point commissions. And yes I do have discord

yunianinjamisterss15's avatar

:3 may i ask how much is kneeup 2 character in hard out lines in points

kitkatnis's avatar

800 if they aren't too complicated designs :D

yunianinjamisterss15's avatar

^^ ah i thanks for the info on that one and i don't have much but i am thinking full body hard outline style for one character point commission cuz i have 500 for that that one in no bg

kitkatnis's avatar

okay, well, you can send me a note whenever you want

filling this out

Character/s Names:

Character reference: (as many characters are there are/even canon characters)

Full body, half body, etc:




Any other details:

yunianinjamisterss15's avatar

Okey I’ll send you a note with the Details

ShinanaEvangelian's avatar
A friend reccomended me to you for a point commission. Are you open by any chance?

(I apologize if I don't reply within a day or two, I only get online vis phone and if there is wifi. But I'll respond as soon as I'm able.)
kitkatnis's avatar
Hello ^^ Yes, they are open.
if you know what you want or have some questions you can go ahead and send me a note :D
ShinanaEvangelian's avatar
eithul's avatar
Is this still open? 
kitkatnis's avatar
let me know if you have any questions.
Note me if you know what you want ^^

BigBee17's avatar
How much for Kaibow hanging out with Adeleine
Kaibow (Star Allies) by bfulmore
Nova-Lee-Redcloud's avatar
How much for something like this?  Laiwiqa by kitkatnis  Love those paper cutouts... :heart:
kitkatnis's avatar
oh, thanks ^^

let's see, I'd say 300 since it's a traditional art,
I do draw a back on them as well, but that wouldn't be necessary
unless you want me to mail it to you, in that case, I'd say 500 points
BradtheBS's avatar
And let the money and the busy-ness flow! haha

Isadamu's avatar
Hey, how much would a close up of four characters cost? ^^
kitkatnis's avatar
Baliya's avatar
Hi, I'd like to comission you! But before I do, are you ok with drawing Canon X OC?
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