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Night Off (Peter Quill x Reader)
A/N: Reader's gender not specified.
The familiar music from Peter's Awesome Mix Volume 1 blared aboard the mostly-empty Milano. The Guardians had taken a night off, parking on a remote planet and mostly going their own ways for the night. You and Peter, however, had stayed on the ship, finally getting a few moments to yourself for a date night.
“Honey, I'm home!” a certain blonde man called as he entered the ship.
“Honey, you're a dork!” you called back teasingly, giving him a 'welcome back' peck.
He tried to go back in for a deeper kiss, but you ducked under his reach and snatched the pizza box out of his hands. As you walked over to the mini-movie theater you'd set up, he whined, “Star Lord is many things, but a dork is not one of them!”
“Sure, sure,” you agreed, sticking your tongue out at him. “Get over here, dork, or I'm going to eat your half.”
He rolled his eyes, but was quick to settle down next to you and start
:iconshadowsbyday:ShadowsByDay 36 17
Kiss Me Hard Before You Go(Zach Mitchell X Reader)
Author’s Note: THIS IS THE LONGEST THING I’VE WRITTEN YET OMG. I SPENT FOUR DAYS ON THIS AND I KNOW LIKE NO ONE IS GOING TO READ IT UGH WHY  </3  I hope anyone that does read it enjoys it!!  <333 (Also I changed lots of stuff, but still spoilers for Jurassic World!)
You heard the sound of a kid crying, turning around in your seat and frowning when you saw the sobbing boy. He had wavy, dirty blonde hair, and a face that would’ve been downright adorable if it wasn’t scrunched up in sadness.
There was a guy next to him, he looked to be about your age, and he kind of sounded like a dick.
“Be quiet.” He snapped, crossing his arms and looking away from the boy with a huff.
“Hey, are you okay, kiddo?” You asked gently, and the kid looked up at you shyly.
“I-I’m fine.” He said quietly, and you smiled softly.
“Are you sure? I’ve got an empty seat over here, and I’m free to talk if you want.&
:iconmiss-union-jack:Miss-Union-Jack 455 98
Jurassic World (Owen Grady x Reader)
"Easy... Atta girl..."
You lightly petted the baby T-Rex's snout as she happily ate her meal. You had joined Jurassic World after it opened. You were always fascinated with dinosaurs and the fact that they had been 'revived' from the dead. You wondered what it took to train the beasts, and it turned out you had a natural gift. You hadn't imprinted on the baby T-Rex, but for some reason she obeyed your commands and was very gentle towards you. She occasionally snapped at you, but it was very rare and usually when she was cranky for some reason.
"Good girl." You stroked her rough skin as she finished devouring her food. She then roared, turning away from you and running back into the wooded area of her containment. You smiled watching her as you picked up the empty bucket, which had her meat in. You turned to see a familiar face, watching you from one of the catwalks.
"Stalking me again Grady?" You teased, beginnin
:iconchloein221b:chloein221b 149 11
(Jeff the killer x Mute!reader x Laughing Jack)
“All around the mulberry bush,”
A gravely singing voice woke me up. My head was pounding and I groaned silently, unable to open my eyes just yet.
“The monkey chased the weasel,”
The pounding in my head gets worse and I try to rub my temples, do something to get rid of the horrid pain I felt between my eyes. That’s when I notice I can’t. I gasp soundlessly when I realize my hands I chained to the wall behind me. I hear someone chuckling to my left and my entire body grows tense. Has he… found me? It can’t, it doesn’t sound like him, I realize. My shoulders sag in relieve, by the thought that my old traveling partner hasn’t found me. I don’t know what he would do, but I know it wouldn’t be pretty.
“The monkey thought t’was all in fun,”
I tense up again. Whoever it is, is getting closer, so close I can feel his breath on me. Slowly I open my eyes, unsure what to expect from this situation. I s
:iconjanananad:JanananaD 42 3
Sally x Proxy!Reader: Monsters under my bed
The large front door of the mansion creaked open and you tiredly dragged yourself inside. Your master, the one and only Slenderman, had sent you, Masky and Hoodie on a mission but the two had abandoned you hours ago. It had taken you a while before you realized they had disappeared.
Deciding the Operator was much too unpredictable when angry, you chose to finish the mission on your own and just confront the two boys when you saw them again. Right now, though, you wanted to go to your room and sleep for the remainder of the night.
Quietly, you snuck through the hallway past all the other CP’s bedrooms. Dear Zalgo, why did your room have to be at the far back. You were half-way when you stubbed your toe against the loose floorboard Toby was supposed to repair. A stream of quiet curses left your lips when you stumbled forward, almost falling face first on the wooden floor.
Just when you had regained your balance, you heard a soft whimpering sound coming from behind the bright pink d
:iconjanananad:JanananaD 65 2
[Kazuichi Souda x Reader]
     "I owe you, after everything you've done for me." You huff with a gasp. Your eyes were clenched shut with the strain being put on your arms and back. Kazuichi was with you, also grunting uncomfortably. "B...Besides, you're my friend," you gasp, listening to his disgruntled noises, "and I'm happy to help out when you're in need."
     You were helping your pal move out of his room and into an apartment. He was finally eighteen, old enough to escape his dad's harsh beatings by moving out, and you offered to help him at the first opportunity. However, you didn't expect he would have so many heavy boxes. "Despite my willingness to help, I have to ask. What the hell is in these boxes!?"
     He lets out a breathless laugh and sets the box he was holding down. His grin was a very cocky one, and it only made you pissed when he pulled his hair back to put it in a loose ponytail. "Miscellaneous machine parts, my tools,
:iconsolluxwantsme:SolluxWantsMe 31 4
Of Blushes and Kisses [Ishimaru X Reader]
[Name] sighed as she ran down the hall, attempting to get rid of the hall monitor, that would tell her not to run. She frowned as she hear him call her name.
"Yes, Ishimaru?" [Name] asked.
"[L.Name]-San! Do not run in the halls!"
"Ishimaru..." [Name] groaned, "You can't even give your own girlfriend a break?" he blushed at the use of her title as his.
"[N-name]! I-I cannot" he looked at her, and blushed harder, noticing she was wearing a low cut shirt, rather than her standard school shirt, "Wh-where is y-your standardized sh-shirt?!"
"Ishimaru, if we keep standing here, discussing the matters of my shirt that YOU destroyed, if you'll kindly remember last weeks events, I'm never going to--."
"Bah-HA! Bro got some! You go!"
Mondo... [Name] inwardly groaned.
"Mondo-nii, I will have you know, I have been 'getting some' for a few months now."
[Name] growled, and hunkered down. This was their senior year, for Pete's sake! They were getting married as soon as they were
:iconnat-the-alley-cat:Nat-The-Alley-Cat 173 66
Reflection [SoudaXReader]
Reflection a Kazuichi Souda X Reader Story RQ
Look at me
I will never pass
For a perfect bride,
Or a perfect daughter
Can it be
I’m not meant to play this part?

[Name] had been friends with Kazuichi Souda for years now. They’d been next door neighbors, and wound up being the best of friends.
He would never go anywhere without [Name]. He felt… insecure if she wasn’t around. But, today was the day that was all going to change! He’s getting his hair dyed, colored contacts, and getting it cut. He’ll never be a burden on her again!
Souda smiled to himself as they walked into the mall to pick up his contacts. “Yes, Souda Kazuichi. I’m here for my contacts.” He smiled, his –now sharp teeth- smiling at the lady.
[Name] only giggled, and looked at him. She was frustrated, though. She had all of these conflicting feelings in her. ‘Am I in love?’ ‘Should I try and tell him?’ She decided against t
:iconnat-the-alley-cat:Nat-The-Alley-Cat 122 17
Mature content
Idiot [Kazuichi Souda x Reader] :iconanime-booty:anime-booty 69 8
Snotlout x Reader - Listening
Watching the racers passing by your side, you smiled at Snotlout. His haired flowing in the wind, while his Monstrous Nightmare showing off some moves of his own. Seeing dust come out of nowhere, it seemed he has lost again. To Astrid, who apparently was better than him. You rushed over to Snotlout, he jumped off his dragon whipping his hair side to side. He seemed to notice you, as he work on his charm.
“So ______________, did you like what you see?” You couldn’t help, but smile, yet hide the blush that was forming.
“Well of course I did Snotlout-”
“Hey Snotlout, next time try to make a U-turn around that building.” looking over, you frown a little, seeing Ruffnut. She was pretty and Snotlout caught his eye on her. Your smile into a sad face. Ever since Hiccup and Astrid got together, Snotlout has been all over Ruffnut, when clearly she didn’t want him, nor Fishlegs. Snotlout started walking to her and trying to impress his charm onto he
:iconromanox123:Romanox123 89 22
Dragon Race {Tuffnut x Reader}
"Hey babe, what do you think of my face paint?" your boyfriend Tuffnut asked you when you were in the arena helping Ruffnut suit up Barf and Belch for today's dragon race. You had your back turned to him, and when you turned around, you yelled in fright. Your boyfriend had yellow and black paint all over his face, and it was sort of scary looking. But it fit him perfectly.
"It's, uh...something. Kinda scary, though." you told him with a laugh.
"Good! That's what I was going for!" Tuffnut says. Ruffnut, who had simple teal and yellow lines on her face, looked over at her brother and shook her head.
"Idiot, don't you think that's a little too much?" she asked and Tuffnut glared at her.
"No! (Y/N) likes it! Tell her, (Y/N)!" Tuffnut and Ruffnut both looked at you, who had a suprised look on your face.
"Woah, when did I become a part of this argument?" you said.
"But, I think it looks good Tuffnut. And Ruffnut, let your brother be as weird as he wants." you add. Tuffnut put his hands on hi
:iconsmiles-suit-you:smiles-suit-you 54 6
An Adventures of Tintin One-Shot by SouthernImagineer
~ For the amazing artist, HylianGirlYami
Shielding your eyes from the sun, you see him, stretching in the sand, snoring away on his beach blanket, his hands poised on his bare, oddly muscular chest. His lean, sinewy arms soon cross, and his shoulders roll. Then, you watch him extend his legs, letting his toes meet the cool sand, wiggling around in the soft texture. A content groan escapes his sleeping form.
At last, you giggle and crawl over to him on all fours. He grunts when you approach and enter the shade of his umbrella, but you are careful not to disturb him. As gently as you can, you settle on the towel beside him and curl as close to his body as possible, without waking him. You run a hand through his coppery hair, picking the flecks of sand from his quiff, and then began to trace your fingers down his pale, rounded face and to his chest. The curves and framework of his torso intrigue you, and for a mo
:iconsouthernimagineer:SouthernImagineer 29 40
All Jokes Aside
All Jokes Aside
An Adventures of Tintin One-Shot by SouthernImagineer
~For the wonderful HylianGirlYami
You open your eyes, and he is standing there, beaming, running a hand through his coppery hair, gazing down at you with love flooding his eyes. Instantly, you grin back at him, but a yawn overcomes you, and the smile vanishes behind your exaggerated motion.
"Good morning, my dear," he murmurs. "Did you sleep well?"
Feebly, you nod. "I did, thank you." You shut your eyes for a moment and stretch your legs further beneath the covers, savoring the last bit of warmth before you leave the comforts of your bed. "I fell asleep on the couch, though. Did you bring me here?"
Tintin dips his head and sits on the bed beside your knees. He places a hand atop your stomach, which is buried under your white and blue comforter. "The captain helped, of course, but yes. You passed out just before nine, so we brought you here."
"So I missed the end of the movie?"
"Don't worry." Tintin no
:iconsouthernimagineer:SouthernImagineer 30 31
My Belle
My Belle
An Adventures of Tintin One-Shot by SouthernImagineer
~ For the lovely HylianGirlYami
"Michelle, my belle, sont des mots qui vont très bien ensemble, très bien ensemble."
You giggle when Tintin leans across the armrest to kiss your cheek, muffling the other words of the song as he continues to sing.
"Are you in French mode?" you inquire as he smirks and returns to his upright position in the driver's seat. "You've barely spoken any English today."
Tintin shrugs and locks his eyes on the road. He continues to hum along to the song on the radio.
"Tintin…" you begin with a smile, "I get no answer from you?"
"Je suis désolé, madame, mais je tiens à parler français."
It takes you a moment to translate his words. Living alongside him for so long has taught you a few phrases, and you can often pick up certain words now and then. "I know you like speaking it, Tin, but it's hard for me to understand." You peer out the win
:iconsouthernimagineer:SouthernImagineer 25 40
Sinner in Church
Sinner in Church
An Adventures of Tintin One-Shot by SouthernImagineer
~ For the lovely HylianGirlYami
In a frantic surge of desperation, you hastily daub your soaked palms on the seat of your chair, hoping to rid yourself of the clammy sensation for good. Your left hand now dry, it dives into your purse and retrieves your best stick of Burt's Bees. Perhaps curing your chapped lips will also help you calm yourself.
You're currently on a dinner date with Tintin, your boyfriend of one month. The handsome redheaded reporter has just excused himself to the restroom, allowing you a few moments of composure before he returns. So far, the date has gone well, just like any other one before, but for some reason, you still find yourself anxiously wringing your hands beneath the tablecloth. There's just something about him that makes you want to be perfect. You can confess flaws and embarrassing stories to him with ease, but to be humiliated now, as he's sitting th
:iconsouthernimagineer:SouthernImagineer 23 22
Last Dance
Last Dance
An Adventures of Tintin One-Shot by SouthernImagineer
~ For the marvelous HylianGirlYami
Last dance,
Last chance for love.

The air is hot with perfume and the scent of the food table nearby. In the ballroom below you, modern people dressed in archaic ball gowns and dress suits waltz across the marble floor, laughing and dancing along to the music. Their smiles only mirror the excitement and happiness you feel as you stand on the balcony in your dress, peering down at the party.
"Excuse me, miss?"
Hastily, you spin around at the sound of the voice behind you. It's Tintin, donning an old-fashioned suit and tie, with a flower in his lapel that matches the color of your dress perfectly.
"I believe it is time for me to escort you downstairs, milady." Bowing minutely and trying to keep a straight face, Tintin takes a step in your direction and offers his arm to you. "May I?"
Giggling, you grab the top of your skirt with both hands to keep it from dragging an
:iconsouthernimagineer:SouthernImagineer 31 38


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