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Hi! I’d just to let everyone know that if I ask to get an adoptable from you and I haven’t paid for it PLEASE let me know! I just don’t remember who I need to paid to?

- Kate
Heyy! I’m looking for Naruto commissions! I’m hoping to find some that aren’t above $30?

I want to get a drawing of my Naruto ocs team with all four of them. Specifically, my main oc Sharia to be hanging upside down from a tree branch while her feet is on the branch,  Haruo and Takashi getting scared by her because every time she’s late for training , she likes to scare them by hanging upside down and unexpectedly scaring them, Rika their Sensei trying to keep a straight face but has a hard time not laughing.

Drawings by:
Rika - CancerTheGiantCrab
Chibi Sharia - Goldstar-chanLooking for Naruto commissions?? by Kitkate1
Hi! I’m looking for commissions I can buy with paypal, not to expensive. I would like to sure points too but I don’t know how to get some. :( Also, thank you for this that comment on my looking for cheap commissions note I really appreciate it! :D
Hi! Would anyone like to do an art trade with me? Please comment or send a note if so!
My art examples:
Theres more on my page.

Art trades? by Kitkate1