what's a very "deviantart" type brand adopt? the ones i can think of mainly are pony adopts and emo dogs... i feel like there are more i'm missing? let me know if you feel like you've seen any recurring themes i'm so curious HAHA

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By Kitkaloid
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CLA5HESStudent General Artist

Base adopts and kitty-dogs

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Lisande-PuredreamHobbyist General Artist

those base adopts that are on a simple base and like 100 in a deviation

also cs adopts in general

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IpunProfessional Digital Artist

Maybe in the old days there was a lot "dog type" CS mostly, or anthro~, but I do feel I see more creativity these days~ so I don't really think there's a type that's specifically 'deviantart-ish"

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vane-belladonnaHobbyist Traditional Artist

mainly focused on colour themed/aesthetics. They're not drawn with a personality or any emotion usually. I guess just colourful adopts to drag the attention of people.

also probably a few good gore-ish type of adopts.

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casixtHobbyist Digital Artist

so many rainbow-themed adopts.... like clouds and rain and like... (spcifically) dogs in the shape of a rainbow.....

S-k-u-l-l-s's avatar
S-k-u-l-l-sHobbyist Digital Artist

I've seen a lot of themed adopts based on rainbows, shooting stars, sleepy/dreamy aesthetics, pastel colors in general, sun and clouds, rainy clouds, kidcore and nostalgic 90s themes, and of course food, especially sweets :' D

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DuskinatorStudent Filmographer

Rounded anthro creatures...not furries, they're not as feral as a furry, just...round, usually without clear fur on the base species. Lots of CS like that, with rounded snoots.

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jesse0319Professional General Artist

this tbh, and kemonomimis that are somehow a cs lol

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DuskinatorStudent Filmographer

Yeah, or just...Kemonomimis where a normal humanoid would have probably been better.

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TopHatGoatProfessional General Artist

Space themed

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StygmaHobbyist General Artist

Food based whatever

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AthenaCykesHobbyist Artist

sparkley pastel kenonomimi/cat girls on base sadfghj

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UniverseWASwaterHobbyist Digital Artist

small chibi cats haha. I forget the exact base but there's on on a very specific base that I used to see everywhere

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AzureSoleiLHobbyist Digital Artist

I always feel like I see lion king on-base adopts with like

two little markings added to each of them

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GGDrawsStuffHobbyist Digital Artist
sparkledogs and catgirls
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Jackster3000Hobbyist Digital Artist

Any fruit-themed/sweets-themed animal adopts. Don't forget the whipped cream and fruit toppings on their tails.

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Charlie-BluStudent Digital Artist

Also dragons

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KitkaloidStudent General Artist


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Charlie-BluStudent Digital Artist

Horses 🐴

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KitkaloidStudent General Artist

i dont know why this response is so funny to me.. just the single emoji HAHAH

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Rain-etteHobbyist Digital Artist

I’d love to see a sparkledog by you

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KitkaloidStudent General Artist

oh believe me i have been thinking about making one for two weeks now and im becoming obsessed with the idea LOL

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Rain-etteHobbyist Digital Artist

Literally would give so much for one for you;;

what if you dI’d a custom auction

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bramblepawsStudent Digital Artist

definitely Any closed species, they aren't really on any other website that i've found (aside from spillover of things that originated on DA)

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