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Sorasona - Aerus

there's a really really cute meme going around on twitter called sorasona, and i had to jump on it!
basically you make up a version of sora based on your playthrough of kingdom hearts 3.. what you did, what happened, how you.. behaved i guess? love it
for my design i ended up with:

Bullet; Green does more exploring than fighting
Bullet; Green spontaneously falls asleep for long periods of time but is always ready to go
(i played in bed and fell asleep all the time with the game on, woke up, played, passed out again)
Bullet; Green constant longing for lion king world 2.0
Bullet; Green spends too much time by/in any available body of water
Bullet; Green gathers a ton of ingredients (but only ever cracks eggs)
Bullet; Green keeps finding things to sob about in every single world
Bullet; Green cusses at donald
Bullet; Green loves aqua more than anything
Bullet; Green also loves ephemer more than anything and misses him so much )':
idk how this can be explained but i bet nomura could pull it off if you see this hmu

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My character has one like this...he's just a baby...

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Omg I am a huge KH fan and I love this. I have designed my own Keyblades, but now I really wanna do this

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Oh god he so cute !
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if you do more of this character in the future would love to see a holloween town form
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Woah! I didn't think of making alternative versions of characters in this way before, I mean, the undertale community did something similar with all the AUs they made, making diferent versions of the characters, and with the spidersonas it was kinda similar but they were still completely diferent characters...

Hmm... I guess I'll have to try this with my favorite characters in the future, don't know if I could make a cool sorasona before the trend is gone so maybe I'll pass, not that that matters, I could still make one, heck, I could still make a spidersona if I wanted.

But yeah, great work with this one, really like the color scheme.

(I wonder if Shenpai made her own sorasona...)
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HOLY SHIT I need to make one this is marvelous <3
zeraan's avatar
The colors and the eyes ahhhh
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cusses at donald = gold
Blue-Ape's avatar
This looks epic dude

Wait...Does he have a bag of chips in his pocket?
Kitkaloid's avatar
thank you! and nope, he does have his pockets full of leaves and spices though hehe
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Oh my gosh I love this xD
The feeeeeelz
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THANK YOU PII  :heart:
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he loves u too..
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That’s amazing.
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I love him. The second I saw him. His concept and design is amazing. Amazing job!
Kitkaloid's avatar
thank you so much!
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I bet if you bet your life on a shrimp it'll take your money bet 
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I think I going to cry. I love this. I a kingdom hearts fan.
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thank you so much! :heart: i love kingdom hearts too <:
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