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[CUSTOM] Battlephase

FINISHED CUSTOM FOR THE LOVELY battlephase !! tysm for the patience :heart:
i was given a pretty loose prompt! "something vaguely mp100 inspired with kaleidoscope glasses and holographic markings".. it was really fun!?
here's a different version too with a darker bg bc i couldn't decide what popped more sfdsg 
Darker by Kitkaloid

i only offer customs very rarely via trade! felt like i needed to put this here since i get asked occasionally hahah
i will probably have custom auctions in the future though (as soon as i finish polishing some of my own species work lmao) so keep an eye out for that

anyway WOO this was fun haha

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this is... stunning...
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OH FUCk there they are OMG.. this turned out so pretty ;__; the art itself is gorgeous and the design came out really nice!! watching you work on this was also tons of fun. thank u so much for trading with me!!
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THANK YOU SM TOO!! i'm over the moon you like them ;_; i forked over the separate files to you on discord, too!
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duly notes your status on offering customs 👀
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heheh heh eheh
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hot diggity damn what a beauty
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