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#29 One-Offs- of Premortem and Postmortem (CLOSED)

By Kitkaloid
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UPD: um holy shit lmao LOL thank u all

Eskil by Kitkaloid

"These two show interestingly different perspectives on certain
werehybrids' involvement with death.

Some forms seemingly choose to manifest whenever death is near, or if the
individual themselves have already died - I'm drawing likenesses to my past
subject, the Chimerunt, on this as well.

The contrast in these two - one who anticipates death, and one who
has used it as the chrysalis to their metamorphosis... 

They, like the others, continue to raise more questions."


the third batch of werewolves in my werewolf hybrid calendar that i'm doing this year, found here
EVENT. HYBRID HALLOWEEN - October Hybrid Sightings by Kitkaloid

this is an auction! it will end on the 26th' of October, 11pm sthlm time 
>here is a countdown<


snipe guard of +15 minutes will take effect within the last 10 minutes

as always please make sure to read my ToS before bidding to make sure
my designs are for you 


Star! the Weeping Wolf Star!

SB: $100
MI: $5
AB: $1050

Trailing after Charlie-Blu

When milky mist glides down the mountains
and slips through the spaces of deep green forests.
Peek through your blinds in the shy morning hours
and hope that you do not see it on the porch;
the mournful figure.

If you do, it will look back
from behind a whisper thin veil
with eyes so hollow and pleading.

And what an awful thing it is
that you will feel painfully
understood in that moment.

When the figure retreats through the spaces of deep green
forests, you will be left with foreboding in your chest
like a draft.

Hope that you do not see it.
Pray that you do not feel understood.
For the grief it cries does not exist.

That draft in your chest -
Something awful is about to happen.

Additional Flavor:

- Likes napping in a secret meadow on a lavender bed
- Banshee powers. Can feel when someone is going to die
- Doesn't know HOW someone will die, however
- Unlucky! Attracts death as a human, has trouble
making friends, wants people to be safe
- Makes their own dresses
- Howl sounds like a long, sad, gentle note
from a flute. If a flute could sound more hollow
than it already does
- Always smells nice
- Light on their feet, you can't hear their footsteps

Star! the Dullahound Star!

SB: $100
MI: $5
AB: $900

Riding the highway with Charlie-Blu 

After a horrible accident that resulted in being catapulted off their bike
and right into a graveyard, this gutsy biker lost their life in a gruesome way.
Turns out if you hit an iron fence just right you can end up decapitated.

Authorities quickly caught whiff of the scene, but before anyone even snuck a peek their splayed
body stood up again; peeled itself off the tombstone it had landed on, picked up the helmet
with its head still inside - perfectly intact - and took off on the beaten bike.

When they found somewhere to hide they had a billion questions
swirling inside their severed head - how the hell are they still moving?
Why doesn't this hurt? At the very least they should be spurting blood
shouldn't they?

An answer to those questions gushed from their open neck in the form
of cool flames. The flames popped, bright and dazzling and stretched towards
the head like two hands looking to cup it.

Knowing that it felt right to do so, the biker handed the head over.
The flames licked its cheek and then stitched it back into place, good as new.

Their eyes widened in disbelief.
This doesn't happen to normal people.

Though, something felt.. good - felt fantastic, even.
Instinctibely looking over their shoulder as if expecting to find someone there
the moon looked back through the window. For some reason, they had a feeling
it would soon be full, and when it was, they would realize
their full potential. 

Additional Flavor: 

- Completely fearless. TOO fearless!
- Can detach their head at will
- Not shy about showing skin, so they wear
whatever they like!
- Loves food, especially meat!!
- Already dead, so their alcohol tolerance is god tier
same with smoking
- The flames around their neck and tail grow when
they feel intense emotions
- Can do sick bike tricks

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I like the artstyle!!!!!!!

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Cool, very creative and I love the artstyle!

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Can you show me a picture of Flora working at Walmart she's yellow and she's a tram engine.

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Really nice design and detail

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Still so excited about these two

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OOO!!! This looks awesome!!

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Wow now THESE are some interesting and well-executed monster hybrids! The weeping wolf looks so elegant and flowing. Like candle smoke.

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Weeping Wolf... MY HEART

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Oh these are so beautiful... Banshee has my entire heart of hearts T_T

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shoves them in my mouth

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hands u seasoning....

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thank u.. keshup

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dullahound pls step on me

-sincerely a broke ass individual

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i have a feeling they would 😔

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(plants my face onto screen, unable to pry it away ever agai

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Dear Kitka,

Stop making hot designs.


My Empty Wallet Soaked in Tears

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KASSSSSS....!! my heart..

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oh boy these kids are perfect.. I hate to ask, but if I were to place a winning bid, would it be possible to do a short hold for the full price (3 days in my case, the morning of the 29th?)

If not, totally understandable!!

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really sorry, it's not an idea i'm against but i'd hate to change the rules for the auction when it's already been up a bit 😭 !

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