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Stolen generation comic page 1



(EDIT: August 2022) This comic is no longer supported on smackjeeves. It can now be found only on my Patreon for those who want to see where my anthro universe got started ^^

(EDIT: July 2013) I have made a folder for this comic, but it's just the first page with a link to the rest of the comic on the smackjeeves website where it is hosted. It's just easier navigating the vast amount of pages there, and there is an archive for easy access to individual pages. Over there a lot of this comic is in colour too!

Link to the external site:…

My favorite time waster is doing really crappy comics. After much deliberation, I decided to make you all suffer and put up the one I am doing at the moment. As I said, it is drawn very badly, with no shading at all, and my writing is probably not legible. It is so bad because I have to maintain my rate of 'four pages per day' in order to stay interested in it.
I have to fool around with the sizes of these things, to get the best size to read it, this one might be a bit big, but we'll see.
If you don't like rediculously high powered weapons, transforming flying machines, long held grudges or anthro pash scenes, DO NOT EVEN START TO READ THIS!!
I will put up only one or two pages per day so you guys are not swamped.
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How do I find the rest? It says it can't be reached