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Kit's Soul Silver Nuzlocke page 46.5




Prequels:… (Reading this first is possibly a good idea)
And then this one:…
And then this one:…
And theeeeen this one:…
Ion side story:…

It's pretty rad how the generic-ass press guy got nearly as many questions as the actual team members. I decided to add in his attacks at the last second, which is why it didn't fit in that panel properly.

Ugh... I think I might limit the team questions next time. It just ends up looking like an essay.
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lugia sea mewtwo is my spirit animal. we both watch some of the same shows (though he watches more than me) Stargate is our favorite show, we both like voyager and janeway, and we both don't know the names of the people around us. (well he doesn't know them at all and i am learning my teams names slowly)
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well, I suppose you could do worse as far as spirit animals go CX
You only listed three moves for Cecilia, what's her fourth move?
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Don't remember CX
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"I'm fine the way I am"

I take it you have no idea how much more one would be able to eat as a Hydreigon.
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That's a good point. Byt hydreigon wasn't invented yet in the year 2000 ^^
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Charlie and the Chocolate Factory wasn't a movie in the year 2000, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory was.

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Shit. I should have remembered that. I think I was remembering the title of the book.
the first two lines of Q&A made me laugh so hard!!!
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glad to hear it ^^
i love how the press guy got his own set of questions
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When that happened I decided to roll with it and make him a semi-main character CX
Damn you Lance, a cheater for having three Dagonites who are 8-5 levels early to evolve. I love Cynthia and Steven better. Lance is so frustrating to fight if not overleveled.

Sea Mewtwo and Cecilia are adorable. Terms of personality and looks. 
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Yeah I prefer those two champs as well XD
Can you imagine Alakazam with "takes hits well" characteristic? XD
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Ahh, brings back sweet memories of the Joey Challenge... I always hated this part (though not as bad as Blue).
kitfox-crimson's avatar
Joey challenge? Doing the thing with just rattata's?
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Man it sucks that this is the one I finally caught up on this page and just missed asking questions.

I kinda want to do my own special nuzlocke now thanks to this buuuuuuut... I kinda suck at nuzlockes :(
kitfox-crimson's avatar
only way to get better is to do them ^^
BlazeGlory's avatar
Yeah I know. Like I said I'm  thinking of doing a type of Nuzlocke I made up myself
BlazinVoid's avatar
What game were you planning to do? I tried doing a Nuzlocke and finally realized why Saturn's Purugly is hated. It killed off my only Rock and Ground type.... Ironic I know. I ended up abandoning it not because just before that I lost my Budew to a water type ( Ironic, I know) after Solaceon Town ( It was Diamond), but because I wasn't good enough to grind. I like to rush ahead alot. Too much.
BlazeGlory's avatar
Platinum maybe, and I'm thinking about doing this thing called a Heartlocke that I came up with. Basically if you want to switch a pokemon you have to kill off someone on your team. I don't think anyone has done anything like this and I really want to try.
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