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Kit's Soul Silver Nuzlocke page 45




Prequels:… (Reading this first is possibly a good idea)
And then this one:…
And then this one:…
And theeeeen this one:…
Ion side story:…

About that first thing Shiny says, in case you didn't get it. It's like saying 'Pardon my French' which is what some people say when they are about to swear in English... only you know... Pokemon France is Kalos....and...

I'll show myself out.

Ugh these full colour pages are so.... I was looking at my notes from this battle and was thinking, 'how am I going to draw five double team, missed attack combo's without it being long and tedius?' the answer was... it's impossible.

Sorry about all text on the top and bottom of panels... I now it is confusing... but if you miss some of it, it's probably alright.

And yeah Morpheus. I don't believe he has been hit by an attack in his life.
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This was VERY entertaining to watch

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you're so lucky gengar didn't use destiny bond...
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“Why i augtha”
More like
“Why I AGATHA” ahhaha
Yeah no
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It's so weird to me to think that when I first read this, I hadn't seen any of the Star Trek TV shows. But now, I've seen a lot of them (still have a lot to go XD) and I 100% agree with Sea Mewtwo, Janeway is the best captain XD
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She sure is. Except when she's crazy XD
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okay we get it, you like butts and you cannot lie.
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The confuse ray tactic is somehow really effective in this battle
this must be because not a single one in the team is focused enough or have the knowledge on what actually happening...
aside from Morpheus, i think he know his spoon
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And now I'm caught up!  :D

I....haven't actually even played pokemon (no handheld device / my parents disliked video games when I was growing up), and I've only seen a few episodes of the show (it moved to cable shortly after I started watching, and we didn't have cable.  I should probably find it on Youtube sometime, but I keep forgetting to XD; ), but this was still an enjoyable read. :)
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Wow.... I didn't think it was possible to be so sheltered from pokemon... but it's not too late to start XD
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What's the difference between alien and aliens genre?
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One is thriller, one is action
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That's actually a really good point about being in the Matrix.
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Unless the movie was just to distract us from what was really happening!
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It did not.

Ah well, just wait a turn and it doesn't matter anyway.
Karen's Umbreon was better at mind games than all of Will's psychic types combined! XD
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Yeah, well Will was Robin, not The Riddler.
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Murkrow used fait attack...murkrow fainted, faint attack is supper effective.
Also, I disagree with neo mewtwo in the first 3 questions and because this is the internet that means he/she is wrong and I'm right.
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of course it does..... of course it does...
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Yeah, I think Lugia came close, but I got sick of recording how much damage it was taking CX
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An adorable page this time!
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