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Ikrisia Underwater

Patreon Commission for :icontoddmccloud:  ^__^

It's essentially a remake of this very old picture,… but with a different character.

Hope this is okay ^^ My computer woes continue with, in this order, my computer failing to boot up with the correct hard drive for about an hour, the mouse, keyboard and tablet not connecting properly, the scanner failing to connect, the scanner failing to scan, only two USB ports being responsive, the new version of Open Canvas being gone so I had to do this in like... a version of it that's five years old... and I think it's time for a new PC. Oh yeah and it'll undoubtably fail to turn off in which case I need to rip it's brain out from the inside.

Update: I think DA has butchered this in some... way... I don't know... maybe it's this computer again, but this pic looks really faded out and blurry... I wanted a bit of that because it's underwater but... something doesn't seem right. Uuugh.

Ikrisia (c) :icontoddmccloud:
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This truly shown how much you improved since that piece. The lighting here is just awesome.

I can't say anything about DA working some black voodoo magic but everything looks fine.
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I guess lighting is my cheat that I use to make pictures better, so I have levelled up lighting skills at least CX
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This is an intriguing one.
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Wow! The difference... Always nice to see how far you've progressed in skill when you see a remake like this!
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And with my tools barely working CX
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Which time, then or now?
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With my pleasure
I love the play of light in this piece.
you're very welcome.
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Ah, gosh, sorry to hear about those computer problems, but this picture is stunning! I love the light coming in from the blown-out window and the balance of the scenery! The shadows and the paint-like airiness give it a great underwater feel! Excellent work!

Now I can't wait for the next one!
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Glad you like it ^^
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Underwater exploration was a favorite of mine growing up! =^^=
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I haven't done it much but yeah it's cool ^^
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Oooh, this is really lovely ;w;
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