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Crossovers 16 page 2

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I thought I'd put up a few at once...because one page would just have people going 0_____0

Not that this page will help, it will probably just make it worse...

But here it is anyway!
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Ha, I noted the name of the "antidote". That comic hasn't been very funny since Johnny Hart's head collided with a Bible (sometime back in 1992 or so). His son took it over after he died a few years ago, he should have just let it die along with his old man.
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Yeah...colliding with bibles usually ends in tragedy...or colliding with other what happened to Cat Stephens....
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lol I love the expression in the 2nd to last panel XD
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Wow....There Is No Fourth Wall..=p
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Not a very good one anyway XD
Hehe, yeah. It seems this 'wall' may be made of REALLY weak glass. :XD: :XD: :XD:
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really weak glass....or some sort of celophane...
Hmmm....what's celophane? :eyepopping:
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its that see-through sort of..coloured plastic paper kindergarteners use XD
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Does this mean that somewhere there's a universe where Restored Generation updates regularly and on time? 8D

Heehee, just kidding...

there is, isn't there...
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As I said before, RG is a donation comic now...I'll do a page every $10 but nobody has donated yet so I'm not doing it >:3
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How many comics can I get for not burning your house down? >:3
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well that depends on how accurately you know the location of my house >:3
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Australia i think, but flamethrowers aren't really about accuracy as much as spread *cackle*
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well, even a flame thrower might not cut it if your area of effect is 'Australia'

Maybe a nuclear flamethrower...
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That blew my mind.

(and whoo first comment)
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