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Crossovers 16 page 1

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And so it begins...for the 16th time...

Actually I'm not sure exactly how many crossovers comics I have done...but it was alot, and 16 sounded about right for this one.

Crossovers is a series I have been doing since I was about 10, and has my oldest characters in it. It's an alternate timeline from the SG universe, and is more or less retarded in the extreme.

The last one I did was in 2003, and it was ended early so I could start working on SG instead.

I very suddenly decided to do this comic, I probably had a reason. Anyway, it's very short. Indulge me for now. I have an idea and I'm in the mood for it. It's probably going to lose people on the second page...because the crossovers comics invariably contain elaborate and complicated plots...but oh well...

This look of millions of square panels, huge text boxes and hand drawn text is how I used to do every comic, so it's nice to get back to basics.

More to come in a moment. I could draw hundreds of these in a day XD
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Nothing further to add.
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nothing further is needed XD
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well for starters what's the summary of the story? and is their humans in it?
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this story? No, no humans in it.

Basically the characters find that their universe is becoming a newspaper style comic strip, and try to stop it from happening by travelling through space and time...

actually it's just an excuse for me to be an idiot with a comic...
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thats the expression I was looking for ^__^
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I remember this comic from many moons ago XD
kitfox-crimson's avatar
indeed! although I think I only ever put one or two pages of crossovers on DA...
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I remember those :D
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