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Flag of the SDC (KEISOT III)

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Moar ISOT stuff. I'm on a roll with these flags. There's some deliberate BF2142/Black Ops II vibes here.

The Strategic Defence Coalition is the generic anti-Western military/economic alliance in the world. Led by the Union of Independent States and bankrolled by all sorts of sympathetic NGOs (big names include the Brotherhood of Nod, Cobra, the Injustice Gang, Al-Qaeda and Shadaloo), this dictator's club is set to dominate the world in the near future, thanks to their combined assets in the form of both rare resources and advanced technology.

Member States
  • Union of Independent States
  • Legionary Romania
  • Turkish Sultanate
  • Emirate of Kurdistan
  • Republic of Wadiya
  • Domination of the Draka
  • Empire of China
  • Kingdom of Thailand
  • Republic of Laos (Thai protectorate)
  • Commonwealth of Australia
  • Peru-Bolivian Confederation
Observer States
  • Free State of Hannover
  • Republic of Thuringa
  • Kingdom of Greece
  • Kingdom of Spain (in-exile)
  • Outer Heaven (Central Asia)
  • Congo Free State
  • Democratic People's Republic of Korea
  • Cobra
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