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Border Collie (Paypal YCH)

Hi guys! I’m selling this YCH mainly because I haven’t drawn any sheepdog type pups lately and probably should do that more. The size is 500x500 but I can draw it smaller or larger
I’d really prefer only a BC type character for this YCH! <3
Completed art will be softly lined and flat colored/slightly painty with a transparent. This sketch will only be used once, so it’s unique to your character only.
This guy/girl is $40
Thank you ❤️
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I'd love to grab this for my border collie char! ^v^/

Sheep Ref

Her ears can be floppy so no line edits needed!!

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Ahh sorry I'm late! I didn't think anyone was gonna buy this ;0; if you're still wanting it then I can do it, if not I understand <3

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No worries at all! I‘d still love to get this please!! <333

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Can you do this character? If you can I'll take this!

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So sorry about the late response! I haven't been on dA in a while ;_; Been so crazy busy with my kids' distance learning that I forgot about this for a bit. But I really wanted to do a BC for this YCH only.. Sorry for being so slow to respond again D:

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