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Im so fucked up right now, I lost everything on my HD, I salvaged some stuff, pics, some mp3 but guess what?.. no fucking FLA files, yeah.. all my projects, all my unpublished animations are now officially fucking lost, the scenes I had from the movie, the script, the sounds, the taped dialoges,, all my stuff was damned to hell..

I dont know what I did to deserve this, ahh, the karma thing, thats bullshit, god? thats bullshit too, it was just bad fucking luck and little patience from me, I fucked up, but this is by far, the biggest fuck up I have ever done.

I feel funny right now. dunno what else to say. dont expect updates soon.

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Keep on going man... your projects will probably loads better than they were before when you finally get them redone.. at least I found that when something similar happened to me... it won't be exactly worth it, but y'know, silver linings and stuff, heh...
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At the very least you know now to back up things on disk in case an HD dies. I'm sure if you ask the community or troll a few sites you can find fragments of your you have posted about the internet.
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Hey Vinnie^^ how goes it? Any luck with restoring/recreating your lost stuff? (seriously, can't put into words how much that sucks).

--Oh, I went to your web page (haven't been there in a while) and I like the change^^ its all spiffy (and I wish I could read it). Do you code everything yourself?--
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que mal plan..
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I have one word for you, my friend; FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFUCK!!! And shit I hope that doesn't happen to my HD. My flash ain't as good as yours but still, I'd be pissed to lose it!
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Aww vinface :(
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did you tried doing system restore? XD..
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Hang in there, dude. You've got way too much talent to let something like this stop you.
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This really sucks for you. I remember how I felt when it first happened to me, too. I went completely crazy. From now on you should keep backups in external HDs, discs, remote servers... You can never make too many.
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That is..... devastating... *hugs* I am so sorry. Be happy you are so talented, though; you will surely make more and better things in the future. :hug:
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damn... thats totaly fucked up man. and especailly since you where in the middle of a big project. and all of your other stuff too. i sypathize with you. i dont believe you deserved that.
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Oh shit im sorry to hear that. I remember when something similar happened to me and I lost all my flash files.

It felt like I lost a good friend and part of me at the same time.
I remember being worried about all the stuff I thought I had down perfect and couldn't do over again and that kept me in a bad mood for a long time, but after a few weeks I figured as long as I still have the ability to work I shouldn't waste any time moping when I could be restarting. Afterall you've only lost the files, you haven't lost your hands. In fact the second time around learning from your mistakes, it's usually easier.

So I sencerely hope you choose to continue.
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Oh my gosh.. Vinnie, dear.. ;_; *great big snuggle*
My harddrive was reformatted by my father, that made me go emo.. I had 1k songs, ART FOR PEOPLE I HAD YET TO FINISH.. memories, pictures of old friends who are now in college.. you name it.. I know the feeling, hun.. I even had a small flash |:

Vinniekins.. just take your time to think out what YOU'D like to do T_T Scrap the project, continue.. do what ever. Just clear your head, and try to cheer yourself up ;_; *huggle*
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(: chill missy

hahah vinniekins
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I cannot chill, lately xD
Btw, your new icon is fantastical :3 <3
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Algo me incomoda en este acontecimiento :sherlock:
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Well god does (so its said) love each of us equally... but thats not true <.<;
He is sadistic sometimes...
Good luck mate..
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Bueno, supongo k eso le puede pasar a cualquiera.. ><
Lamento k te halla pasado esta ves a ti..
Espero puedas volver a recuperar algo... por lo menos esta en tu cabeza y creatividad no? quizas despues puedas hacerlo mejor de komo estaba >.>
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Oh ho ho do I know how that feels, once all of my mp3s, videos, and pictures got deleted the hard drive was fried

I feel your pain man ='(
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Ouch that must reaaaaaaaalllllllllly suck :(
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Ouch that must reaaaaaaaalllllllllly suck :(
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Lo siento muxo ... con lo que me gustan tus trabajos.
Animo !
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dammit that sucks
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