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By Kite-ridE

Jefa comprende prefiero el futbol



hay ther.. Ive been thinking too much recently and Ima going to draw a comic about that, maybe tonight if I can find the right words to do it,.,

In other news, the movie is going very well, so here are a few frames I took from scenes Ive finished, I hope it doesnt say too many spoilers, they were picked carefuly to not show too much heh., theyre actual frames from the animation so dont complain about the lack of detail /:

cccp01 by Kite-ridE

cccp02 by Kite-ridE

cccp03 by Kite-ridE

cccp04 by Kite-ridE

cccp05 by Kite-ridE

cccp06 by Kite-ridE

cccp07 by Kite-ridE

Thats enough, with all the voices/music and sfx this is taking more than I expected, and realized I havent done any other short animation in months and I feel unproductive., so its time to take a break from the movie and work on a muzak video. I want this (the movie) to be awesome so Im working really hard and not rushing anything.

dunno what else to say. sorry to everyone that has been waiting for this but I needed to take a break.

stay good (:

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Esperamos ansiosos la pelicula.....y como dice el dicho: Vistete despacio que vas de afan...
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ahh muy sabio el dicho O:
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No problem, Vinnie! You're doing a nice job as it is! =3 I'm sure we can wait for total awesomeness. Cause awesome must not be rushed.

Also, sorry for spamming the CCC boards. =(
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Y que onda la vas a poner solo en internet o planeas hacer que te la produscan en el cine? Aca como la pelicula de los huevos?
Porque se ve con bolas y con el arranque que te va a dar jumbo y lo de belanova, yo creo que podrias llamar la atencion de alguna distruibudora.
Mucha Suerte!
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pues se oye interesante como lo propones, lo qe tendría qe haces es terminarla primero .-.
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aniv de la rev is in it? bitchen!!! i checked out your NG section and i came. it was that awsome. vinnie you rock. with your fan base you could turn around and charge us to see the movie. id pay
your animation style is awsome its like FLCL style and that rocks
any way . you rock and i cant wait for the movie
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nah, tis not THAT cool to see it (:
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Yeah I noticed you have yor own collection(: Yay for that!^^
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Will you still be on Void? I mean obviously you should concentrate on the movie, but are you still gonna be active?
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And this new it in spanish?
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Awesome! Congrats Vinnie! ^^
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haha. I saw that you had a collection last night. thats pretttty coool, man.

I hope to get my own collection some day..
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Haha, you're amazing. You take a break from a project by doing another project. Usually I would take a break by doing absolutely nothing for a long period of time. Damn. I need motivation.

Don'tcha hate when you think too much? Gets me depressed -_-
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hahaha, the trick is to not think
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yo no quiero escuela prefiero el futbol!

yeah, defenitely looking foward to the movie man, I saw an animation on albinoblacksheep that had you as a special thanks in the credits, which I could see cause I saw alot of your style in the animation.

if ya wanna do a music video, you should do it on a molotov song that I listened to a couple of weeks ago. it's called "Disenio Rolas" on their " Con Todo Respeto" album. it's pretty fast paced, kinda like punk/electronica. I found it very catchy. just a suggestion though cause I automatically thought of your animations when I first listened to it.

hope the movie comes out well.
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haha whoa, I would like to see that movie on albino black sheep,. do you have a linkie¿

and yeah, the movie is going to have two songs from molotov cause they kick so much ass, and yea, I like diseño rolas too,., its pretty coo for doing something (:
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here is le link [link] . they use similar camera angles as you.

as far as molotov, they rock it hard. I was playing their music in my painting class the other day, someone said they sound like mexican beastie boys, which I can see. but only 2 people, including me, knew what they where saying. what songs are in the movie? * wink* *wink* sounds like a very promising movie.
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haha yah, Ive seen this before, I dont know if you showed it to me or it was somebody else.. it was pretty good

as for molotov yes, there is just one song from them on the movie but its top secret lol
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COngradulations on havin' your own collection. The movie frames look good, I don't think they give ANYTHING away, lol. Look forward to it, take care.
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thanks man, take care you too (:
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Yayayayayaya, go vinnie!
Vinnie has his own collection, and I am happy, but I know not what to say.
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