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El carro que te come

By Kite-ridE
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lol yes, it means "the car that eats you"... Im sorry I havent uploaded the new comic yet, I went home to care some personal issues so I couldnt *really work* on anything for the past two weeks... the story goes as I was lurking around my old bedroom and found a box full of drawings I did as a kid, so I checked them out, they were pretty funny trust me; but there was this one who actually was pretty cool, it was a sausage-like thing with face and teeth, and wheels.. and I was like what the fuck is this,, according to my mother when I was a kid I drew that a lot and named it "El carro que te come" (yeah: the car that eats you) .. I started re-drawing/copying the damn thing again, and I figured this thingie would be a nice touch in a flash, and then I thot about a new "character" to introduce the carro.. so there you go, behold: "El niño Vinnie"

history: brothers always pick on sisters.

btw nef you hit like a girl.
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.... i can see the family resemblance
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OMG vinnie has a son?!?!
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thats myself as a kid (:
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> "Hits like a girl"
> Knocked down with one hell of a sound effect

I'll be hiding from my lil' sis all week now, k thx.
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oh wait never mind, in a earlier comment you said you don't remember...
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I got it from NG sound portal.. thats the only thing I remember
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whats the song called? :>
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XD that waas just funny all around !
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I really like the beginning bits, such as the effect of the silhouettes and the large shot of the sky - pretty nostalgic when coupled with the music. =D
I usually watch this flash because of it. <3
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U GOT PWNED!!!!!!xxxxxddddddddddddd
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I looove it!

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Are they related cus' "nef" lives in the U.K. Vinnie lives in Mexico- from what i know. Did she move?
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This is awesome.! :D
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Amazing work! and realy funny XD
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oh que geneal X'D!!! todo gracioso =) hey, geneales animaciones = D!!! me he dado cuenta de que escribes los comentarios en ingles, pero algo (aparte de los títulos) me dice que hablas español tan bien como yo "> >
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Hilarious!!! XD II love it!!
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lol! that's cute, i love it :D
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:D this made me laugh
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hahahah funny
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tu hablas solo español o ingle kon un poco de español?? jaja buena animacion pasate
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Gasp. Little vinnie super cute x3

And Nes looks awesome when she delivers the punch O:
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