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May 6, 2010
CCC 4:02 pm by =Kite-ridE The sheer amount of effort and creativity that went into this piece is staggering, as evidenced by all the tiny details, such as the variety of hairstyles and costuming on each and every figure in the picture. From the texturing on the walls to the little pastries in one of the shops, this piece of work is definitely something you can look at for hours and still not see everything there is to see in it!
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CCC 4:02 pm

wow Daily Deviation?, thanks! (:

So yeah, I zen'd myself up for this one, took like a month to finish, but fucking finally, Im glad how it came out, tho' I dont see it with the same eyes anymore I hate it, original is 7086x4133 so its pretty detailed at 100%

Theres this market which gets very busy around 4pm as you can see.

Print is avaliable so go buy one if you like.
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Not enough screws.
sharknob's avatar
Wow! this is inspiring!
Atomaurus's avatar
awesome work man. ive been a fan for like 10 years lol.
GingerL's avatar
Can i color over this and use it as my desktop background?!
Bush-Master's avatar
Finally found this again, I've been using this as my PC's wallpaper for ages but I forgot to fave/comment it when I found it.
This is amazing! The detail and the amount of action is ridiculous (in the best way), everyone we see could be a major character of some story or other, they are all doing something, it's like a million stories that all happen to crossover in this one captured point in time.
Thankyou for sharing this.
SquidMantis's avatar
Wow! This is really cool! So many details; I'm half expecting Waldo to be in there somewhere ;)
hayuky's avatar
amo tu historia me hace recordar a Alicia en el país de las maravillas pero versión urbana (?)
JAMPSEN's avatar
Yo tambien, me encanta su estilo, y los detalles mecanicos que le pone a todos sus dibujos.
KHAAOZ's avatar
I recognize a couple of characters! :D
Really really great work!

Been a fan of your work for the past 8 years, and I follow your comic!
If you ever decide to sell a physical version of your comic, I would buy 10.
fishie422's avatar
hiahiahia~~~I like it very much~!
kasparov322's avatar
Eres un chingonazo me gusta mucho tu estilo, saludos !!
Kite-ridE's avatar
Esalmo's avatar
dios mio, este es la encarnacion de la paciencia y dedicacion puras!!! y esta detallado a mas no poder!
Kite-ridE's avatar
xToasterMuffinx's avatar
I always loved this pic
JacobChristensen's avatar
this is the best thing ever.
lunaoscura00's avatar
me encanata tu trabajo
StarRockie's avatar
Eres mi héroe!!
SennaKoshiba's avatar
. . . .I'd go insane XD I tried super-specific details like this; I'm not a fan of doing it TT^TT
Yours is frikkin awesome, though >w<~♥
Where the HELL is waldo!!!!
Where the HELL is waldo!!!!
95wave's avatar
gotta give you props man, even now your skill still amazes me, even though I've improved a lot XD

still shows how much I have to learn, your ability to make hundreds of different characters is a bit of an inspiration to me, your one of the people that made we want to create art, keep rocking man
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¡Wow! ¿Cuántas semanas tardaste en hacer esto?
Está genial. Me cae que si yo lo hubiera hecho ni lo terminaba.
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