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Hey fellas!! I'm going off to Japan today and travelling around there for just over 2 weeks! We will have Wi Fi but it's likely I'll be unable to respond to notes/comments during this time! 
Feel free to still send commission questions and such, but be aware you'll likely get a very delayed response!

Hey guys! I fell in love with a comic series a while back with beautiful artwork but I really cant remember what it was called!

It's about this girl in a snowy country (I forget where!!) who goes to some...event? She's with her horse at the beginning I believe, and then she has to go back to this event... I think she has to wear traditional clothes.

I believe she has an ancestor or family member who has painted this other world...
then she somehow gets transported into this other land which is very fantasy like and beautiful, and she meets a bear (I think) who she rides on? 
There's also these little guys...humanoid creatures of some sort I believe? Maybe fawns? There's some boy character among those I think.

There's also a scene where they chase chickens I think? In a coop? 

I have a very unclear memory pfff But I really want to find it again and look at the beautiful backgrounds pfff

If anyone knows which one I'm talking about please let me know!
It wasnt on DA I dont think! I think it had its own website!

Just a reminder that my commissions are open-as I haven't really posted about them in a while and people forget I don't do them in limited slots hehe

Check out my prices here!:

Commission Price Sheet 2018 by Kitchiki

The list is a liiiiitttle shorter than usual so there's less wait time if you hurry ;D

Note me if interested ^^ 

(and pleaaaaaase don't commission me if you won't have the funds ready when I reach you ^^;
I'm not really in the MAP community but from what I've seen there are some lovely ones! I'd love to see what your favourites are! 
It doesn't matter the theme! Warrior cats, OCs, spyro etc everythings fine with me! I'm interested to see what you guys like!  
I'll be working with DeviantART Originals to produce a new show about adoptables called 'Les Adoptables'! It's a cool idea and I'm really lucky to have been chosen!

Check it out here:
Stop sending password requests to my email, son! They're annoying and clog up my inbox! No matter how many times you do that, y'all aint gettin nowhere :'D 
YO I'm taking 5 quick coloured headshot sketches! £15 each! 
They'll be done today! I'll be closing them late afternoon/early evening!

Just comment with your ref to claim!

1. claimed
2. claimed
3. claimed
4. claimed
5. claimed
YO while I try coming up with a gf for Fisi I thought it'd be fun to ship her with other hyena OCs! So go ahead and post your hyena OCs if you're interested and I might do a ship doodle with her and Fisi! (Females only pleeease!) (Complicated designs may get simplified to fit TLG style!)

I wont be doing everyone but I'll try finding the time to do at least some!

Natural colours are preferred!
Taken their name down to avoid bashing! 


Somebody claiming to be me is giving my old designs away to people! While I try to resolve the problem please be aware that all these adopts have homes and this person has no legal right to be giving them away! These are not valid and the design will NOT belong to you! 

I am ONLY on the following sites:





Anybody else claiming to be me is VERY likely not me! 
Hehe I barely ever enter these contests but I saw rainbows and that's my weakness :'D 

So here's my contest entry to:
<da:thumb id="705149446"/> 

I love this characters design!! Q3Q I'll take any excuse I can get to mess with rainbow colours hehe :'D 

Contest by Kitchiki

(psst please don't all suddenly send links to contests now :'D It just happened that I found some spare time and I really do like this character hehe) 
Yo lets do another share thing! 

I wanna see your fave OCs from OTHER artists! 

I'll comment with some soon as well! 
Hey guys!

I'm just letting you all know I've been getting a LOT of notes about my art being used on Facebook pages and roleplay sites etc and I want to say I'm sorry I don't
reply to all of them but I do check them out and I appreciate every single one and the time taken to let me know! 

I thought I'd clear up what I'm okay with and what I'm not okay with!

I am okay with people uploading my art of film/game/book characters on fansites, fanblogs, roleplay blogs etc as LONG as they give me full credit where it can be seen easily and a link back to the original work on here or FA! 
You may also use this type of art in YouTube videos for AMV's etc as LONG as there is a link back to my gallery in the video description (NOT just in the video itself!) 

I am also mildly okay with people uploading my art onto blogs (such as tumblr) made for sharing artwork as long as a full credit is seen and a link back to my gallery! 

As far as tracing goes, I am fine with it if you KEEP IT PRIVATE AND DO NOT UPLOAD ANYWHERE! Tracing is a good way to learn, as long as you keep it private as it is simply practice material! 
If you have simply referenced an image of mine for a pose or expression, I am fine with this but if the similarities are obvious would appreciate some credit given! 

I am NOT okay
with people editing the images into their own characters (or editing them at all) , taking credit for the artwork, uploading onto other art websites onto ones own gallery (UNLESS YOU ARE THE COMMISSIONER OF THE PIECE) Failing to provide credit and a link to my original upload.

YOU MAY NOT upload or share any art onto roleplay sites, fanblogs etc if they are COMMISSIONED PIECES (unless you commissioned them). This type of art is co-owned by the commissioner and you will not have full permission to share it unless given permission by BOTH people. 

you also my not use art of my own characters or other peoples OCs that I have done, for roleplaying with! They are owned exclusively by me and I do not want them represented in any other way!  

You also may not use my art in any way to make profit unless I have given permission! 

If you feel somebody is breaking any of these rules then feel free to let me know! I hope that clears up what I am and am not okay with! 

I love webcomics but I'm RUNNING OUT, I'd love to get to know some new ones! 

I currently follow Off-White, BBA, Home, pretty much every TLK one haha,  I've probably forgotten like 900 though!

But yeah LETS SHARE OUR FAVES! What have you been following?
Alllright, so

This is mostly in regard to some other websites where my art has shown up but here's the thing,

I draw for me! My personal art, is because it makes me happy! It is not catered to my followers-though I am always thrilled to hear when you guys like it too!

My recent picture:
Pride Angel by Kitchiki

has got some people (mostly on other websites that I do not upload on myself) a little riled up ;D 

The argument seems to be, why merge these two completely unrelated topics to try and 'force my political views'.
But the thing is, I'm drawing for me. I'm not drawing to try and give a message, or tell people how to think.
I love the character, Angel, and I love LGBT Pride; and so I merge two things that make me happy :)
I'm not trying to 'make the character gay'.

Though CAN WE BE HONEST FOR A SECOND and say if you DO disapprove of LGBT rights then I think its such a shame you've been brainwashed ;) Hopefully you can see clearly someday. 

Sorry, tiny rant ;) Au revoir! 

Phew guys commissions are a little backed up at the moment due to Easter break sucking up all my time! Will really get back to it faster once Easter is over!

Been playing a BUTT TON of Overwatch! Tracer and Sombra are my lil' babbies and I love them VERY much <3 

Do you guys miss anything that I used to draw? Or any OC's you want to see again? I have to remind myself all the time to draw for me now and then! 

OH, I'm planning to go to MWFF as usual but I didn't catch a room today! If anybody has a spare ever, hit me up yo!

Peace out, I love you all VER MUCH MMMMMMWAH YES HOMO.
Just giving a heads up! 
Hey guys! 

This is a heads up that towards the end of January my commission prices will be raised! 

Anybody who has gotten a quote or is down on the list before then shall stay with the old prices! 


Also I've never posted my Twitter on here! If you want to follow it's:
The commission list is getting quite small atm!
This means the waiting time for one is a LOT lower than usual! GO GET EM WHILE THEY'RE HOT.

Commission Price Sheet 2015-16 by Kitchiki

(and no I don't do point commissions ;)