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Meeting Andrea and Tabitha

By Kitara88
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This weekend was so fun! Went to a convention called Otafest Aurora and met Andrea and Tabitha!  They were both sweethearts and so nice! :heart: I forgot to bring my Derpy plush to get signed too... Well my sister told me not to bring her because we were no longer doing the skit that involve Derpy... bleh... should not have listened to her X___X"  oh well.... but I was happy they liked my plushies (along with other bronies as well ~ makes me so happy people like my work!)

I'm holding up a pic of me and Andrea (because it was my second time meeting her) I'm going to do a photo within a photo every time I see her now haha :XD:

My sister got her Rarity plush signed while I got my Fluttershy and Pinkie signed.  I need to sell my Fluttershy plush... (really low on funds) and I'm still debating whether or not to keep my signed pinkie...cause you know... low on funds 'n all... =_="
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Tabitha St. Germain is one of my favorite voice actresses. 

I like when she did played well as Soma Peries / Marie Parfacy (Gundam 00), Ajenna (Elemental Gelade), Roberta (Black Lagoon), and Danielle Moonstar (X-Men Evolution)
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Oooohhh they look so good! Love how they signed on the back leg as well xD lol
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So jealous! I'd love to meet them someday :). Really awesome portrait & plushies :D
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No need to be jealous lol ~ you'll meet them someday! :D Thanks so much! :heart:
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You're welcome. Haha, I hope I do get the chance too. Especially since Fluttershy is my favorite character and Tabitha St. Germain is my favorite voice actress on the show (though I'm a HUGE fan of Tara Strong as well).
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That is totally cool! :D
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They were really awesome to see in person and thank you for sharing your Deviant Art with me. You have a gift for making amazing ponies and the fact that they say phrases too is even more cool!!
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Thank you!! ;w; I wouldn't really call it a gift ~ everybody can make them too (if they wanted to lol) ~ just need some trial and error sessions ^^;
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So much awesomeness in one photo :D
Your plushies are beautiful. Espcially that Fluttershy
Annd I adore your cosplay :)
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Thank you so much! :love: Andrea and Tabitha were totally awesome :XD:  I would be overwhelmed with so many people in the room ~

Thanks again! I was a bit worried because that Fluttershy plush was the second one I made? With the new pattern so she was kind of a prototype? ^^;

Haha thanks ~ I need to upload pics of my friend and sis (they were Fluttershy and Rarity) :heart:

On a side note ~ I love your plushies (especially your new ones ~ not because of their new butts *coughs* :XD: )
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 I met Andrea so I know she's a total sweetheart :)
Its okay xD everyone likes the new pattern bc of the butts xD
If you'd ever like to trade please do let me know <3
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Yes, yes she is :D
But whyyyy lol okay I'll try :XD:
I need to change my pattern to have big butts too lol :D
Oh yes! I keep forgetting about that~~ did you want one of your OC?
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Hehe cause youre so cute! :D
Big butts for everypony! xD
If we were to trade, I think I'd want a Fluttershy maybe, I am absolutely ridiculously in love with your Fluttershy. Though if you would prefer to make someone new my oc would be my second choice haha
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if u need help selling it i an bump it on my pony blog~
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That would be wonderful! :D I'll let you know when the eBay link is up :nod: :love:
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