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Cobalt Tangle Plush

By Kitara88
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Cobalt belongs to :iconnazegoreng: and this is for her contest ~ I've always loved Cobalt's design, very adorable and unique! I've always wanted to make her but didn't have an excuse to (isn't it weird to make someone else's OC's? I've seen a bunch of other OCs I would like to make >w>")

I actually drew a comic on how Cobalt and Kitara(my OC) met... but I can't draw or color ponies... plus I'm out of time =w=" I'm about half way done the sketches...
Kitara was being bullied; Cobalt got angry and jumped in to defend Kitara. Grave (my other OC) also helped out.
Here's a sample of the comic ~ don't know if I wanna draw anymore cause I can't draw animals >_>"

About the plush: It's made out of chenille micro fleece? Or is it called short hair minky? Something like that... I was testing out the eye embroidery by :icontheharley: Ugh and I must've mismatched the wrong pieces of the hair because it looks like it's 'really windy Cobalt'... this is what happens when I sew in the middle of the night... I get confused with the pieces ^^; It took me longer to make this plush because my sewing machine was being fussy.... it's dying :'(

My favorite pics is the one in the middle and the bottom right :D The middle because it looks like the koala is eating the leaf from Cobalt's hair (hehe grooming).  And the bottom right pic, I was thinking Cobalt is trying to encourage Kitara to fly?
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This is just.. just..

Phenomenal. I'm totally speechless. Her eyes are so amazing!! Thanks so much for entering :heart: 

Did you have any idea what you wanted to do with her? 
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Thanks! :D I'm glad you like her!

No idea yet ^^; she's just chilling in my room with her new pony buddies :) Did you want her?
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If it wouldn't be a hassle to send her internationally for you, I'd love her :D
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I don't think it'll be a hassle ~ just wondering how much the shipping will be ^^;
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I'm broke at the moment but I can offer to cover it at a later time. If you wanna keep her for now? 
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Yeah same here ^^; ~ no problem! She'll be here with her pony buddies :)
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Haha i agree Cobalt's hair looks like its flying in the wind,but it still looks good :) Kitara has 4 cans of redbull though! Thst can't be good for her! ;P 
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I like to make everything dramatic hahaaaa~~ Thankkkksss! Kitara can fly with ease now that she drank red bull.  Dead, if she drank 4 at once ^^;
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quite the cute plush
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