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Royal Guard Minimalistic Wallpaper -Unicorn-

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What's this? You thought I said I wasn't doing the guard ponies right now? Well guess what: I lied~

Okay, I didn't lie, but I did feel guilty for not delivering on my promise. But there was a problem standing in my way: Boring vectors. Yes, as it turns out, the guards are VERY unloved when it comes to vectors, the unicorn guards especially. I've only come across two vectors of the Unicorn faction of guards, and both were in almost the exact same stoic pose. Which is fine, except for the fact that that makes them COMPLETELY BORING to look at.

For this one, splicing occurred once again, only this time it was with two vectors by the same person, the ever-talented Kna. To make a long story short, I superimposed the body armor, horn, and helmet/tail coloration from her Unicorn guard vector onto the trotting Pegasus guard from the other papercraft. Thankfully for me, they matched up seamlessly (after resizing, of course).

I couldn't be happier with the result, and I hope fellow fans of the guards will enjoy it as well. The other two guards are up next!

Ponies owned by Hasbro
Base vector(s) used made by :iconkna:
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