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Screentones Pattern Pack 3



This is ideal for anyone who uses screentones. I made these because my tones are brushes, and it's a pain to line them up perfectly, or nearly. So, this is what I decided to do for myself: pattens! And I'm sharing. These are for PHOTOSHOP because that is all I have. Aaaaaaaanyways~
THESE ONES I DID NOT MAKE, they were uploaded onto deviantART by ~screentone so that other deviants can easily find nice tones, however, I thought maybe like this it would be easier to use them for some people. Therefore, I made a pattern pack with them! The pack includes the preview image, the .pat for them, no .jpg this time, it made the file too big to upload/download as the .pat is big enough on it's own~
These are in a fairly high resolution either way and the preview images are scaled to 25%-40% of the actual size. For even BIGGER resolutions, go to ~screentone's gallery.
To load them just open the .pat, it'll load/install on it's own, even if Photoshop isn't open :D

This is a pretty big pack, so it might take a while to download :P Just making sure you get good resolution images in there lol...

Please fave or comment if you're going to use them, you don't need to credit me on your work, but I wouldn't mind seeing it! It's just nice to know that my pattern pack is appreciated. :heart: DON'T FORGET TO VISIT :iconscreentone: TO CHECK OUT THE ORIGINAL TONES~~~
The first installments of the pattern packs can be found here:
#1 -> [link]
#2 -> [link]
#4 -> [link]

Need help?
A related tutorial has been released!
All questions can be directed there, here or to me by note. :3

EDIT! 06.07.2009
How could I have forgotten to link this here?!
Like these tones but want to make something more original for yourself? Here is a tutorial on how to make things into screentones! [link]

Patterns made by me.
Done in Photoshop CS3 & CS4, but should be compatible with Photoshop 7 and up. This is only an assumption.
Regarding Photoshop 7: Some people said "Yes it works!" and others said "NOOOOOOOOES D:" so I am not responsible for whatever problems you may come across.
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