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Guardor 3d robot

By kit8net
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My first 3d robot

More artwork for your projects
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hi, nice work :)
Hope to see your works to my 3d community
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I love the design. I'm taking notes!
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This reminds me of something from a show my little brother watched, it was something turbo I think.
Anyways, this looks really cool.
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Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart 
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Well that's sth. I quite enjoy the white/black/light blue contrast 
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I like your robot can I use it for my comic but I'll put different designs is it ok with you....
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Very bad***. Love it man, great work!
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love it °3°
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this is bad ass man
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wow good job man !
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holy moses that's great
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hey jessdiim can i barrow your robot picture im going to use it for the warframe fan concepts

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its ok, only if it is for non commercial use
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Nice! Looks like what would happen if Apecture Science stepped up their tech by a 30 years or so, xD
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That is amazing! one of the best robot designs I've seen!
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That cannon! Was the design borrowed from the "Heavy Laser Cannon" from Galaxy Legion?
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hm, no i did not borrowed cannon from anywere, but im sure somebody made something like that befor i did )
ReaveT93's avatar
I see, it just looked awfully similar.

Took a screenie of it for your curiosity.

Great work on the robot though. Love it.
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I see its just awfully stolen from my image, too similar. Sadly but it happens (
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