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I'm moving on over to BewitchedFox 

I need to note a few commissioners/trades 
As well as let people who owe me art know! 

After that, and after my new account is all pieced together, I wont be on here anymore! 
No customs or anything. 
I'm looking for a brown design to fit a character I have, but ive had no luck.

If you have any to trade or anything, link below! 
Points, paypal, trading, anything!

I will be picky!! 
im sorry! I want to click with the design ;o;
I'm looking to buy art of this gal!

Link me prices + examples! 
I might not commission everyone! 
But I'll note the people I'm commissioning!
I recently lost both of my jobs, SO I'm going to try taking some cheap little commissions over here on DA! 

They will be added to my queue here:…

I will be taking some colored sketches for $6 each!
They'll basically have this quality to them(Except with a transparent background!)
Gearhead by Kit-X-ing

I can do any species! I'm experienced best with canine/feline anatomy, but i'm able to do dragons, birds, horses, etc; you name it!
I can also do anthro or feral! Whichever you would like!

Just comment for a slot! 
I suppose it's about time I came up with an update! SO here you folks go!

As far as commissions go, I will continue to finish my queue asap for you all! I dont actually have that many to do. So they should all be done fairly quickly. Since they're mostly Chibis, and YCH's!
The $1 doodles are all being sketched out before I get to finishing them, so yours may possibly already have a sketch done! It just depends!

Otherwise,I lost both of my jobs last week. I was working for a vet's office on a 3 week trial job. They ended up not clicking with me(the staff), SO they opted out of having me work there. The other job I was working, at a grooming salon. The lady that owns it was happy I got another part time job, then at the end of that 3 weeks, told me she hired someone to replace me because I wasnt there enough...even though I had asked her if it was alright to have another part time job there.
(I was working 3 days a week at the groomer..and when I got the vet job I was still working 3 days a week there....)

I lost both jobs within a couple days of each other.

So until I get another job, I need to take on as many commissions/YCH's as I can!
If possible, please bare with me until then! ;o;
I appreciate you all, and hope to keep working with as many of you as I can<33
I'm trying to cut back drastically on characters, plus I just lost both of my jobs!! SO i'm posting all of the characters on here that i'm trying to get rid of and their prices! 
I MIGHT take art for a majority of them! It just depends! I may be pretty picky about it!
I'm only looking for art or USD! No points! I dont really do much on da, so points dont help me much!
I CAN haggle on some of these, just ask!
And most if not all have art! If you'd like to see it, let me know!


Kahluah by Kit-X-ing- $30
Lurcher by Kit-X-ing- $25
- Art trade
Blitzen by Kit-X-ing-- $15 (mister-winchester said to tag you for it! hoqwarts )


Weasley by Kit-X-ing- $5
Crunch by Kit-X-ing- Art Trade
Ruby by Kit-X-ing- Art Trade
Lucky by Kit-X-ing - $5
Spook by Kit-X-ing- $5

Other characters!!!

  Sage by Kit-X-ing- $8
Florence by Kit-X-ing- $15
Sonja by Kit-X-ing- $20
Scarecrow by Kit-X-ing- $5
Paxton by Kit-X-ing- Art Trade
Simone(left) by Kit-X-ing- $8
Omega by Kit-X-ing- $5
Waylon by Kit-X-ing- $8
Dino by Kit-X-ing- $20
Luca by Kit-X-ing- $30
Scotty by Kit-X-ing- $5
Declan by Kit-X-ing- $10
Dublin by Kit-X-ing- $10
Finn by Kit-X-ing- $25
Grump NFT by Kit-X-ing- $10
Widget by Kit-X-ing- $5
Max by Kit-X-ing- $5

Rougerr NFT by Kit-X-ing- $50
Leonard by Kit-X-ing- $5
Jonas by Kit-X-ing- $20
Hyde NFT by Kit-X-ing- $25
Blake by Kit-X-ing- $10
Batt by Kit-X-ing- $20
Kainer by Kit-X-ing- $3
Kirby by Kit-X-ing- $3
Edge by Kit-X-ing- $8
Cornelius by Kit-X-ing- $3
Barron by Kit-X-ing- $10
Merle by Kit-X-ing- $3
Markus by Kit-X-ing- $15
Rayne by Kit-X-ing- $10
Momo by Kit-X-ing- $10
Dixon by Kit-X-ing- $7
Erisad by Kit-X-ing - $5
These are the rules set up for my upcoming weekly streams! 
I'll be sticking to it every Sunday, around 3pm central. If I end up being late that day, I will make a journal or something to explain why!

I will be taking colored sketches, or headshot commissions during these streams!

It will be specially priced since they are being completed right there for you to see!

Half Body sketches!
- Base price: $10
- Coloring: +$5
- Shading: +$5
- NSFW: +$5
-Additional Character: +$5

Full Body Sketches!
-Base Price: $15
- Coloring: +$5
- Shading: +$5
- NSFW: +$5
-Additional Character: +$5

At the end of the stream, everyone who bought a colored sketch during the stream will be entered for a raffle to win a free piece(anything you want, 1 character). The drawing will be done RIGHT there on stream, and you do not have to be watching to win. I will note you if you win for what you'd like! 

As it works out. 
I will take slots in stream one at a time! 
When I say "OPEN" that's when someone can claim a slot! 

That's it for now!
I havent officially let this one go; BUT I'm looking to trade him. 

Beacon NFT by Kit-X-ing

He's still one of my favorites, but he was given to some not so great people. So if I can, I'd like to trade him for another gemigon that I connect to better. 

I can ONLY trade! And I would rather trade him for a gemigon only! 
You can offer other high quality characters, I'll look at them all! But please dont be offended if I say no!

He comes with a fair amount of art!…
UPDATE-8/21- I will be extending the contest! There have been minimal entries, SO I wont be ended it when I originally wanted! SO 
The new end date will now be October!

Here we go again! My annual contest has arrived! I skipped a year just because of being busy, so this year i'm back on track! 


In this contest, you can draw one or more of my OC's for a chance to win points and/or art!
Be sure to carefully read the reference sheet in its entirety to get an understanding of the OC's personality and markings. You have a better chance of winning if you draw them accurately. 

Here's the characters you can draw! You can draw anyone you would like from any folder except for the "for sale" folder. The personalities and what not are linked on the website linked below!


- No bases!

- Work must be entirely your own!
- Other than that! Have fun! 
- Any medium of art is alright! 
- If I do not get 20 entries by October, I will lower the prizes!
- The contest will end October 10th
- I will not be commenting on any entries until after the contest!


The contest will be judged purely on accuracy, effort, and creativity! Meaning, if you get the design, or personality wrong, or if you just do a simple doodle, or if the pose is very generic, you have less of a chance of winning against someone who excelled at those points.

I will not be doing the judging this year! Instead, I will be having a group of 5 other artists judge the contest! They will not be entering! 

These are the judges this year!



And now for the prizes! These have the possibility to be raised the more entries I get! 
People are also allowed to volunteer prizes! Whether you're entering, judging, or you just want to donate a prize!
Just note me and let me know!

Star! First PlaceStar! 

- $50 
- Art piece of your choice
- fullbody like this: [CP] Flower Dog Sketch from Azul-Blue

Star!  Second placeStar! 

-  $30 
- Art of your choice

Star! Third placeStar! 

- Art of your choice

' welcome you home.' by PraiseCastiel don't waste another heartbeat. by sunkissin Bella by KiriMagica

    I didnt think I needed to make one of these, but here I go! 

If I gave you any design or character for FREE

You have NO right to sell the character for any amount of money, points, or art. No matter how much you drew, or bought for it.
If you do not want the designs, please return them. 
It's a matter of respect, and courtesy. 


Adoptable Sell TOS!
This section applies to any design you have purchased with points or USD from me!

* You may not resell the design for more than you bought it for.
* If you have purchased a lot of art for the character; I'm open to discuss upping the sell price! 
* Contact me when you sell/trade the character; I would like to know who has my designs!

Adoptable Trade TOS
This applies to any design you have gotten from me through an art/design trade!

You may not sell the design. It is not open for discussion. 
* You are only allowed to trade the character for art or another design. 
*You are not to accept points or USD or any other kind of currency in return for a character you traded to get from me. 
* End of story!

If I need to add more to this later, I will! 
But for now, this covers it! 

A heads up about characters!!

Journal Entry: Fri Aug 28, 2015, 11:50 AM

I havent told anyone, mostly because I forget :'D

But i'm deleting all of my characters off this account, and putting them on this one:

That account will have ALL their reference sheets! And any future ref sheets I do will be uploaded there as well!
The only ones that will be on this account are Sona's and Pets! c:

Just a heads up about my designs

Journal Entry: Fri May 8, 2015, 4:49 PM

If I gave you any design or character for FREE

You have NO right to sell the character for any amount of money, points, or art. No matter how much you drew, or bought for it.
If you do not want the designs, please return them. 
It's a matter of respect, and courtesy. 

If I call you a friend, and you respect me at all; then please follow these rules. I would do the same for you, so please show me the same courtesy. 

Shows we were watching

Journal Entry: Sun Nov 9, 2014, 7:27 PM


The Walking Dead [CAUGHT UP]
American Horror Story [CAUGHT UP]
Once Upon a Time [CAUGHT UP]
Supernatural [CAUGHT UP]
Bates Motel [CAUGHT UP]
Finding Carter [ CAUGHT UP]
MasterChef [CAUGHT UP]

Scrubs [season 1 again]
Bones [rewatch]
Big Bang Theory [rewatch]
Arrow [rewatch]
Criminal Minds [rewatch]
Sons of Anarchy [restart]
Greys Anatomy [not started]

Tucky Mcfucky I love you

Journal Entry: Sun Nov 17, 2013, 11:37 PM

Alright so, if you're not into sappy lovey stuff, this is certainly not the journal for you. Unless you're Tucker then you better appreciate this~

First of all, I just got done spending another wonderful weekend with my baby. Friday we went to a birthday party for your friend, and I got to see a couple people I already knew, hold a cute possibly comatose puppy, and then we left. Then we went home and cleaned like we usually do, and you know what? that's alright. Cleaning is fun with you, and even taking care of the dogs is more entertaining. We watched 7 pokemon movies, you finished your book and everything. We drew together, and those are our weekends. We spend them together and we never want them to end. But Tuck, let me tell you. We are the people that we are. Nothing should change. We love each other and like I said: "Love endures all things" And we always have these somewhat serious conversations. About reasons people should break up, and things like that, and I want you to know yet again, that there wouldnt be a good reason for us to break up. 
I dont know why i'm talking about that honestly, it's pretty late and i'm sleepy but I can't sleep. It's impossible. 
I get to see you every day this week, and that always makes me incredibly happy. I know things arnt perfect, but you said earlier that we have a healthy relationship, that it's not one sided, and I completely agree with you. 
We both do what we can to make the other happy, and honestly, I know you would drop everything and hug me if that's what I wanted. 
I mean. You're missing out on a play you wanted to go to tomorrow because I want to see you didnt have money. but shhhh. 
You left that party early with me. 
You told me what you were getting me for Christmas even though you shouldn't have. And I really love it. And I hope you can get it...even if it says John and Alice. 
I know you think some stuff I do is dumb, and maybe I shouldnt do a lot of the things I do, but of course thats a reason you love me. 
Plus I make cute faces and baby dinosaur noises, so theres that too. 

Regardlesssss, Tucker. You are the most amazing guy I have ever met in my life. I never ever want this to end, and I know for a fact. That I am hopelessly head over heels in love with a perfect, amazing, brilliant, determined, cute, handsome, sexy, thoughtful, sweet, caring, loyal, faithful, talented, and comforting boy and you make me feel wonderful as well. 



Journal Entry: Tue Sep 24, 2013, 12:59 AM

It's 3 in the morning

And honestly? I'm just thinking about how much I love you.

You'll read this in the morning.

And when you do

I want you to know

That you make me feel happy when I feel like crashing.
And you make me smile when I just want to cry.
And you can always always make me laugh.

And when you hold me. My fears melt away.
And all that's left is you.
My comfort. My star.