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M-IL:ES a.k.a. 'Jade'

First of all, I used some textures on this art. I'll give credit to them first!

Plaid Texture: [link]
Checkered Texture: [link]


Another OC portrait. Yeah, you're probably thinking he looks like Jasper. Well, he's a clone of Jasper, so he probably would. His unit number from the Agency is M-IL:ES, but Kit and Jasper nicknamed him "Jade."

He's lab created, just like Jas is. However, unlike Jas, Jade has the capacity for emotions so he acts more normal towards people. He's taller than Jas, almost the same height as Kit. He's very laid-back and easy going, and doesn't jump headfirst into a fight. His partner is V-IX:ES, nicknamed "Netroziel" by Kit and Jas. (Haven't drawn him yet, sorry! OTL)

Like all units from the lab, he has a unit number tattooed on his body. His tattoo takes the form of a bracelet on his left wrist. His right wrist carries a metal cuff with a phantom chain attached to it, which links to the metal cuff on the left wrist of his partner.

Jade is friendly towards most people, and has a fondness for games and restaurants. He's calm, sometimes upbeat, and rarely loses his temper. He retains memories from his "original," so he already knew Kit before meeting him. He likes to tease Jas, calling him "Little One."

Jade is an Elite Sentry, a higher level fighter than Jasper. He has an always-active level 3 syndrome, but he doesn't have the glowing eye to indicate it. Jasper is afraid of him, and does not like being near him.

I haven't decided on a weapon for him yet. I don't want him using a sword like Jas does.
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I love itt~~~ As I've said it before, I love those eyes XD
kit-nightwalker's avatar
I love his eyes too~ <3
ThiefYouko's avatar
You did a really good job~~