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Power or Cute?
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Why choose, aim high take both =)
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You show them in such a great way Kit. :) Yes they are the same person, the difference time does make 
"Power or cute?"

As wise men once said, "...Both. Yes. Both is good." XD
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I love both of them :D
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Power... On top of cute... In baby oil lol Awesome work here
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Power, absolutely power!
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Both are powerful and cute.
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Very nice! First, let me commend you for doing a piece featuring Power Girl and Supergirl that isn't so overtly sexualized. It's nice to see both characters represented a little more tastefully. Something else I appreciate this piece is the differences between the two. It's quite clear to see PG's more curvaceous (and muscular) frame in contrast to Supergirl's more slimmed down frame. The shading you've done for this piece is interesting and really reminds me of the style used for MvC3. The only thing I'd liked to have seen was a more distinctive height difference between the two.
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The unaswerable question!
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