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Diana of Themyscira

I watched Lynda Carter on TV at last day.
She's still soooo beautiful!
I thought she can still perform Wonder Woman.
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Great Job;) (Wink) Diana has always been a SPECIAL amazon compared to the originals on her island:D (Big Grin) They just despised all menFacepalm but SHE thought differently that not ALL men were bad and that the outside world was intriguing:D (Big Grin) And that's why she is known as WONDER WOMAN!:) (Smile) 
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Yeah, Linda Carter was born to play this role.
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Impressive! Wonder Woman is one of my all-time favourite characters so let me just say that I think you've done her justice in this piece. I love her soft and hopeful expression. It really sums up her character. I also love the way you've drawn her body. It's more defined and a little bulkier which I feel really illustrates her training as a warrior. The colours are crisp and brilliant. I also adore the background! :O I feel as if I'm there on Themiscyra with Diana.
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You're right, she could ! Lynda is Wonder Woman for ever ! :D :love:
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Yeah, Nobody can deny ;D
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Agree on Lynda Carter. One of the most beautiful women ever. I love your style. I see a nice combination of Manga and American.
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I totally agree. That's got to be true.
I always do my best.
Thanks man!
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Wow! Very nice!
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Wow! Great work!
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