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So Many Tavis by Kit-Cat-Kisses So Many Tavis by Kit-Cat-Kisses
here are all the tavi models i have in my folders

before i go into model descriptions, i want to let y'all know just who tavi is

she's a NiGHTS oc i've had for maybe a decade now. her actual, canon design isn't human, but i wanted to make a human version of her. she's a doll nightmaren who has a yet-to-be-finalized backstory that i'll elaborate on in a future post.

okay. the descriptions are from left to right

The Original™ (April 2016): i was brand new to mmd and i immediately started to make my ocs using random tda parts i would find around da...i actually never posted this model for obvious reasons but she has a special spot in my heart because just....look at her

Tavi (August 2016): this time around i wanted to make a tavi that was actually coherent in design. at this point i had been looking at a lot of other people's models for inspiration and i made her at a friend's house.  this design is actually my favorite out of all of them

Dreamer (September 2016): i had bingewatched a NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams playthrough and made a design based on the Visitors from said game. there's not much to say about this model...i love her hair and i think this is my second favorite design

Visitor (Februrary 2017): KUMA FACE!!! i tried to deviate from tda faces since they can be kinda sameface after a while. this is my least favorite in terms of design but she has a certain charm to her

Magic Roller aka The Fan Favorite™(May 2017): i literally made this model for the sole purpose of making her dance to Teru Teru. i love her but she's laggy oops

this is also to let those of you who feel insecure about your mmd skills know that everyone has a learning curve and your work will improve. if someone gives you a critique, take it in stride and practice. look up tutorials; ask those you admire for help, and don't get frustrated. some people use references for their model designs, and others, like me, just make shit up off the top of their heads.

don't get stuck in a rut. if you're a tda editor, try experimenting with other model types. kio, nakao, and koron are all great modelers who allow editing on their models. break the mold, and don't be afraid. you're gonna do great. have fun with it!!!!!
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June 25, 2017
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