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I am a PARAGRAPH Roleplayer Stamp
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Posting a solid paragraph on average when you RP? Let it be known!

See also other postlength stamps in the gallery below

A part of my simple "About me" stamp collection. No opinions, just information.

See the rest here: [link]
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Comments (8)
xLumiTart's avatar
xLumiTart|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Whenever, I see someone writing a little sentence, I end up trying to adjust to them by doing so..
but it's nearly impossible for my extent. I rather put it long and controversial since it states out the RP fluently. 

but.. sometimes- I can always get carried away.. - w- "
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SlNical's avatar
SlNical|Hobbyist General Artist
Hell yeah, my RP buddies and I normally send 2 paragraphs a turn :^O
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MystMoonstruck's avatar
MystMoonstruck|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
That is a problem: trying to find an RPer who will write more than a couple of sentences! Unfortunately, most of the really creative people I RP'd with aren't around anymore. Life does get in the way of fun, doesn't it?
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Prince-Adrian's avatar
Prince-Adrian|Hobbyist General Artist
There's times where my roleplay messages are like three pages long and others where they're like three words long XD
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TransWeirdo's avatar
TransWeirdo|Student General Artist
I've been knows to RP a full on essay, honestly... xDDDD
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sunnycustard's avatar
sunnycustard|Hobbyist Writer
Unless I have a lot say, I try to write a good 3-sentence minimum for roleplay. I also like to try to match how much my partner has written; give what I receive.
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FlashbackingArtist00's avatar
FlashbackingArtist00|Hobbyist General Artist
Dat true stamp! :aww:
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