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Corazon Hiroshima
Impregno mis venas con tequila
Estoy bien
“Solo un trago más” le digo a mi amiga
Estoy bien
Le digo que nunca me he enamorado
Ha pasado un año
Un año de mierda
Y no te deje vagar por lo sesos de mi mente
Los detalles de tu rostro gimen atrás de la muralla que construí cuidadosamente para guardarte
Lo que hubo, lo que se pudo
Glaseada en sudor de brooklyn   
Mi libro de Pablo Neruda no leído
Deseo reprimido
Deseo dulce como un pastelito de terciopelo rojo
En su lugar me corto con mi miedo heteronormativo
Dejo que me morotone con sus dedos
Y pretendo que sobre su cama es donde quiero estar
Cierro mis párpados y dejo que deslize sus dedos dentro de mi
Y pretendo que el dolor es placer
El no tenia idea de lo que hacía
Yo menos
Porque nos dicen que las niñas se enamoran de los niños
Que dejemos que nos besen y nos desvistan
Ya que temia demasiado sentir
Lo habia temido hace bastante tiempo
Pero ahora lo se
Oh teq
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Right now(Not the poem I wanted to write).
Right now you're filling the crevices of your lungs with that sweet lady jane
Right now you think everything is alright 
That we are alright 
That my heart doesn't ache when your eyes become glazed and your mind eggshell numb
if I'd change my name to mary jane 
maybe i wouldn't be second place 
i know the ganga keeps the demons at bay 
but don't you see it's simply a bandaid 
and reality won't care if you flinch when it rips it away 
Right now I am constructing my future 
you seem to want to take part in it 
the future 
but you won't get out of bed 
i have to remind myself that i am not your mother
not your savior 
not a wise sage to show you the straight and narrow 
i am yours 
but you're not truly mine 
and i guess if i am already preparing for goodbye the previous line was a lie 
but baby believe me when i say i wish it was true 
we've had such little time 
it's not fair 
your anxious with
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Real-time digression
Acidic icing and sweet coffee burn my lungs 
Terrified once again that I've wasted the day 
Chaffed heels from cheap socks and wandering feet 
Dread grows ever stronger inside my chest
Wondering whether to lay next to my sleeping feline 
Or to lace up my shoes and head out 
Find purpose in public transportation 
I thought I'd learned how to fake happiness 
But I find that I've lost the answers to all my questions 
Saving up pennies for a dream I simply can't afford 
A penny for my silly idealistic thoughts. 
As the world screams: Forget your plans
Lock your dreams in the cupboard 
Quit the job you don't need 
And your soul aches: Bleed out
Freak out 
Die out 
I say: Breathe in the pollution
Let it become putrid in your lungs
Godot isn't worth waiting for 
They say: Time to write less specific poetry 
Time to move on 
Why did you convince yourself that guinness would solve all your p
:iconkissysaltcoatedangel:kissysaltcoatedangel 2 2
how to freak her out
write a poem about her 
:iconkissysaltcoatedangel:kissysaltcoatedangel 33 4
what you've done (alt/Hiroshima heart)
i infuse my veins with tequila 
im fine 
i tell my friend just one more drink 
im fine 
i say i've never fallen for anyone 
i lie 
its been a year 
what a shit year
and i wouldn't allow you to wander into my mind
details of your complexion ache beneath the carefully constructed wall i've created to store you 
the could've, would've been
glazed in brooklyn sweat 
my pablo neruda book unread
desire repressed 
desire sweet like a red velvet cupcake 
instead i cut myself with my heteronormative fear 
allowed him to bruise me with his fingers 
and pretended that, on his bed, is where i wanted to be 
i closed my eyes and let him slip his fingers inside 
tried to pretend that the pain was pleasure 
he had no fucking clue what he was doing 
and neither did i 
cause they tell us girls to fall for boys 
to let them kiss you and undress you 
because i was too afraid to feel 
i'd been afraid fo
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My eyes are tired. 
I've lost track of time, again. 
I want so much. 
Yet I do so little. 
Because I prefer to remain on top of the clouds.
Then to look down at the earth below. 
I enjoy being alone. 
It's been years since I've felt lonely. 
You know you've grown when grammar becomes interesting. 
You know you haven't when you finished the bare minimum and feel accomplished. 
My grandmother told me to learn german. 
I didn't, now I only hear songs in german.
With skinny boys and guttural voices,
talking about nuclear annihilation.
Because I love proving others right. 
And secretly love it when I am wrong. 
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My Type of Girl
Those with shaved heads
Bloodied, Marlyn Monroe Lips.
Flea-market bought traditional Mexican dress. 
With a red-velvet cupcake in hand. 
Because she thought of me
and my obsession with artificial sugared dyed flavors.  
If she'd kissed me, I'd kissed her back.  
But it's too hot in the room.  
And I feel dirty from the night before.  
From my time in a slaughterhouse of twisted perceptions.
Of boys who'd stuck their tongue down my throat mid-sentence.
I speak of Federico Garcia Lorca and Cokes on a hot summer day. 
But it's her friend who grabs my wrists and pulls me closer. 
She's pastel soft and gorgeous in a torn-up kind of way 
Green eyes, not the same color of the marijuana she stinks of. 
They are glassy and wild
...and they want me. 
I look at her, 
and she's unsure of what to do, 
cause' all we did was get cheap Chinese food late last night
and watch The Office re-runs. 
If anything I'm the J
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Answers to your questions
I got to bed dirty. 
"I invited you to my room, what did you think was gonna happen?" 
I thought we'd swallow nebulas 
And get stars stuck between our teeth
We'd speak of time and lilies 
And when our lips locked I wouldn't be frightened
Your body would lean on mine naturally
Hands holding my face so still
Instead, you stuck your tongue down my throat mid-sentence
Condescending, you warning me about guys like you
Then you grabbed me and laid me on the bed
Whispering sickly warm in my ear
You just need to relax 
"My roommate will be gone for the next two days."  
Those words, 
Supposed to be inviting  
Yet all I realized in my adrenaline fueled shock as you kissed me again
...Nobody would hear me scream
"You are seventeen, you'll have to do this sooner or later."
But not with the likes of you. 
I entered your room, a slaughterhouse bloodied by my twisted perceptions 
Naiveness - a toxic running through my bloods
:iconkissysaltcoatedangel:kissysaltcoatedangel 3 2
Is this growing up?
To realize that true love isn't a guarantee.
To try on useless labels that easily fall off gloveless hands. 
To stop imaging the best case scenario. 
And to pray for the worst. 
To relish in loneliness. 
To feel alone in the beliefs that had once sprouted you up. 
To wish to believe in something greater than yourself,
unable and condemned. 
To wait for the next phase of your life as the previous rots. 
But the stink won't go away. 
:iconkissysaltcoatedangel:kissysaltcoatedangel 6 0
My Cats Are Royal Bastards
My cats are royal bastards birthed by a Siamese queen and a scavenger.
They found her plump with life on the asphalt like a maiden tricked by a troll who had envisioned himself a prince.
After she gave birth, we prepared for her daughter to arrive.
But there he was, right next to her.
Tiny, timid, and tinted by his father's genes.
A star-man that soon began to scurry the grounds with infant-like curiosity, sneaking under beds and pushing over books.
I didn't sleep much that first night.
I didn't mind.
The next couple of weeks I proudly wore the bags under my eyes.
As time passed...His meows become softer and
I learned the euphoria that follows the sounds of a cat's purr.
My jeans are now scratched.
The floor seems to always be coated in cat litter.
And I can't take a shower in peace.
(As they sneak between the shower curtains - watching me, protecting me from Norman Bates.
Yet, they told me cats are heartless.
Well, they don't know the feeling of a cat happily purring as he licks your
:iconkissysaltcoatedangel:kissysaltcoatedangel 6 2
Rainy Days
The sky closes - my heart is exhumed. 
The world is covered in droplets of icy sweat. 
It shakes and shudders, screaming in blue pain. 
Feverish, it groans. 
And it's sickness wakes me. 
From a slumber of lazy summer days. 
It wakes me. 
From the apathetic sunlight pumping in my veins.  
The world overflows and I am freed. 
:iconkissysaltcoatedangel:kissysaltcoatedangel 1 0
Hell Have No Fury Like A Women's Scorn
The palpitations of my heart suffocate me. 
I can feel the fury smoking in my veins. 
My stomach; a knot pulling ever more tightly. 
And for a while I can't do anything,
but lay boiling in my own rage. 
Teach me how to breathe again.
How to stop loathing the very idea of you. 
How to see you as I once could. 
Now a new image resides and memories that had once been so sweet reach a bitter undertone. 
And I begin to question myself...
Why hadn't I paid any attention to the plastered red flags? 
Or the fact that you'd told me you weren't good for me. 
It seems that this time I have only myself to blame...
:iconkissysaltcoatedangel:kissysaltcoatedangel 5 0
How to have an hour long relationship.
Sit down, buckle up, and take out the airplane's catalog. Leaf through it. There might be an interesting article about the science of traveling as a couple. Giggle to yourself. 
When he sits down next to you don't look up, just edge your vision at the tip of your eye. Notice he is wearing pink shorts, wonder if years of experience warn about this sort of thing. Try not to want to go to the bathroom. 
When he takes out a small, thin book to read, take out your own. Thick, heavy, and branded with "Stephen King". Smile to yourself when you feel his gaze look at you, with wonderment and shock. Then, wait for him to stop looking at you to steal a glance at his afternoon shadow. 
Be quick. 
Whatever you do, don't let your brother eat the sugared peaches.
Know that when you fail at that, it is your fault he is trying to lick your arm. Be calm, decisive. I don't think he noticed.
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Gobbled up the sky...
I fell in love with a girl who gobbled up the sky.
(the stars stuck between her teeth, 
and she choked on the moon.) 
She told me that nebulas were sour
and shooting stars tasteless.
But then, she threw up blackholes onto my kitchen floor. 
:iconkissysaltcoatedangel:kissysaltcoatedangel 5 7
The insane understand.
They'll never teach us
that romance is overrated and that, that weak spot
at the side of my stomach becomes tender at the thought of you
and nothing else...
Oh baby, they tell me we got time;
time to be fools,
time to be wise, 
but how am I suppose to wait any longer?
My veins aching for your fleshy touch, arteries bursting.
Tainted blood. 
Let us be patient.
Let us be kind. 
Let us go for a run around the edge of town.
Has my cynicism broken through yet?
May I tell you that we waste our wishes on a graveyard of neon lights?
And may you laugh at my brokenness with the very best intentions.
I crave your giggles, the sway of your dimples; an un-tarnishable innocence. 
You'd be so happy here...
- right here - 
listening to the strumming of heartstrings,
to peacock candlelight, 
wish the music could reach your ears.
Your touch enveloping me in a tomorrow of sweet uncertainties. 
Orange poppies.
Earring studs.
When will the heavens light up their graveyard
:iconkissysaltcoatedangel:kissysaltcoatedangel 6 5
Would you? Could you?
If I told you I was terrified, would you hold me like you did that afternoon of clogged tears and cut-out corners? 
Would you be patient, with this cracked husk, who crumbled upon your palm at the faintest touch.
Would you be kind? 
Try not to become attached to the safety pins. 
This corpse that stood shocked at your touch; could you wait around a lazy sunday afternoon and let me melt into your hands?
I've been cold  for so long, could you warm me up a little bit?
We'll open the blinds and let the sunshine seep in. 
Let it warm up this crazy girl who holds too many dreams under her pillow.
Bring her back to earth and tie her to the lamp-post at the end of your street.
Light me up from within and let this flesh of mine crack under the pressure of newborn fireflies, unleashed! 
:iconkissysaltcoatedangel:kissysaltcoatedangel 5 6



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