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Woman with umbrella by Pajunen Woman with umbrella :iconpajunen:Pajunen 1,862 318
so i guess this is an explanation.
On December 2nd 2012 I lost my friend Will. I hate when people ay lost like that, because I didn't lose him, he isn't a fucking wallet or a library book but I don't know what else to say so there it is.
Anyway, he overdosed on heroin. And I've been writing about it a lot. And I don't know what this is, I might submit it as a poem later on, but right now it's just a ramble. And I figure I owe it to Will to keep writing about it. And I owe it to you guys to explain what all the depressive poetry has been about.
So here goes.
Love you guys, thanks so much for your support of my work. It makes me immeasurable happy.
paulina said he wanted to do it.
overdose? i asked, she said
yeah, he ran into it face-first he didn't
to do things slow, he lived his life to the fullest.
that's what paulina said.
she said she hated men. and then she drank
to will. she ran up the block.
i kept thinking maybe she was the one
who wanted it, wanted what will had,
drinking paper bag beers every night
to keep the
:iconaquarius-claire:Aquarius-Claire 7 8
Urban jungle triumphed by dajono Urban jungle triumphed :icondajono:dajono 7 4
Rape Culture and Irresponsible Journalism
Trigger warning: 
This will probably make you angry, but if it does - share it and speak your mind to those who matter.
I would like to remind the readers of this article that it is my opinion, and that my complaint is with the COVERAGE of this news story. I do not know enough about the actual crime to comment on it and would therefore prefer not to. My issue is with the coverage of this news story and many others like it across the globe. I hope you will share this article, or your own thoughts on irresponsible journalism today, preferably with the broadcasters themselves if you believe that responsible journalism should take priority over entertaining journalism.
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:iconpoetryod:PoetryOD 54 189
Southern Belle - 7
Out of the Sahara,
my eye: the tiger
Gleam, you are a blanched lantern
on the Savannah
I was on the prowl
until you came to my domain
Ivory, I shall hunt
and harvest you
Writhe on my belly
until I am close
Listen, Anasazi laughs
his black spider joke;
I laugh as we begin
to weave.
:iconvespera:vespera 13 58
love like ours
I think about her
and I recall birdwings midflight,
a slow caracol on a blade of grass,
the last sip from a coke can,
quiet evenings with a good book,
sabbath afternoon prayers, an uplifting sermon.
I knew,
because of her,
that love wasn’t
a forced chore
or spoken words
and instead it was,
more than actions,
a general attitude
of compromise
and care.
I recall how,
for us, love was a river’s flow,
the ring of waves on stone
and rock, the low hum of water
trickling down the mountain slope
tickling the grass at the edge of the shore;
our love was natural, but it was myth and lore
and surreal, too unreal to be real.
and, to be honest maybe it was real
or maybe it wasn’t;
for a period of time suspended across the cosmos,
stars frozen in their place
– that is to say, freckles speckled across her cheeks –
and dark eyes like the dark sides of twin moons,
for a breath of suspense
in the present state of inanimate reality,
we loved each other equally
:iconkonjuku:Konjuku 18 29
Sunny Day by Layla199 Sunny Day :iconlayla199:Layla199 181 73 sitting on the roof by deepinswim sitting on the roof :icondeepinswim:deepinswim 58 5
virginity is like an envelope
my mother said her mother knew.
i wonder if she stumbled home like i did,
fifteen and beer-loose
tied to the door like a thunderstorm with black lips
and i wrote a story about disaster,
a quiet two sleds long.
a box full of beads, i swallowed
fifteen needles, mommy. don’t
tell me i’m not sorry.
don’t call me a whore you bag of bones
you lock-loose suitcase do you even
recognize me look at my face my toothache skin
i am not the one with the knife.
my mother never slept with a boy
who didn’t love her never let a boy
sleep on her while she lay awake beneath
the shroud of his skin breathing only
when her voice-box gathered too much dust.
you have to know i didn’t do
it on purpose. he slid beers down my throat
till i felt like a landfill.
i was not yet a crescendo. maybe i was a polka-
you couldn’t tell. i got home
with my legs full of nightmare.
the doctor said xanax.
i said i am a ruin like the ones
we saw in peru.
a balloon in a funeral poem.
:iconaquarius-claire:Aquarius-Claire 77 34
Aesop Rock and Draft One
In the door I'm already seven shots in.  My friends are snowed in Chi-town style, so I'm at this concert solo.  It's a "SOLD OUT, NO REALLY SOLD OUT" show, or so says the sign on the door in industrial sharpie.  I buy a couple shirts.  You gotta support the independents.  I catch myself standing in the middle of the bar area, holding two shirts down at my sides and immediately turn to the bar and order an oatmeal stout.  My hoodie comes off and I tie it around my waist to holster my newly purchased shirts.  I need something else to do with my hands.  If there's no place to sit, you gotta be doing something with your hands.  If you're 6'3 and just standing in a bar, but not at the bar, with your hands at your side, somehow this act of absorbing everyone around you peacefully creeps people out a bit.  I'm wearing my mewitoutYou shirt and I'm capping my buzz off with an oatmeal stout and despite my waist-sweatshirt t-shirt holster deservab
:iconschofield-alan:Schofield-Alan 3 10
you wake up early & the dawn tells
you what the neutrinos mean
and with a sickening crunch
your tarnished shade climbs to the underground,
the creationists' thinktank of pianosong & sorrow
where the lifeblood is a barricade
where the lethargy tastes fine & becomes addictive
where the children have cosmic dreams instead of memory
where you're with me like you were supposed to be
and all the collective setting suns
can't bring darkness upon the light you give me
:iconarchelyxs:archelyxs 19 21
Alina Y3 by abclic Alina Y3 :iconabclic:abclic 1,022 65
An Exercise in Existing
From a shore, you watch.
Eyes dripping, contributing to an ocean as wide as space
and as deep as time.
There must be another side, another edge of this vast bowl.
And there is.
Some days you think you can see it, a haze on the far horizon,
like heat on a sidewalk or the hood of a car. You tilt your head,
eyes slit, watching the wavering lines like dancing brush strokes.
Other days, hazy days, there’s nothing more than the clouds
seeping into the water. One long swoop of grey blue green.
And on those days, with salted air sweeping across your face,
hair tangling like serpents, you can breathe again. Lungs ticking
back to life like a furnace turning on. One long rumble.
You stand there, then, taking in cold air and pushing out all
toxicity. Just an exercise in existing.
From a shore, you watch.
Your feet sinking into sand and your fingers subtly moving, glancing
across seams like a gust of air.
There is a crunch of sand in your teeth, born from every swallowed
sound. You’re a
:iconmondays-emblem:mondays-emblem 107 45




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