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Ok y'all, i've made a Kurt Halsey Mood Theme to go with the layout that i'm working on. You must host these on your own image hosting site. If you dont have one, Photobucket is fab. To upload them you'll need to go to HERE to load them. If you have questions, I can try to help :) The only way I know to upload them is to copy and paste the URL into each "emotion". Maybe y'all have an easier way? If so, please let me know so I can let everyone else know. Only hitch for these is I believe you need to have a paid account. There are 130 *DIFFERENT* icons. I believe I got 'em all. If I left any out, let me know!
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Great theme! Thank you so much for sharing it!!!
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I only see 7 moods here, am I missing something? I would love to use a few of them! But I don't know where you loaded the rest ;_;
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You have to click the download button on the upper left hand side :)
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The only ones you missed were "calm" and "pessimistic". :) Otherwise they're extremely pretty.
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Lovely. Will use.