The main school project is finally over!

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We finally gave our "personnal project" to the teachers! Gosh, it was like giving a part of my soul. (and I'm being serious)

So this weekend is the first one I can really call a weekend! Because I have (practically) no homework! Too bad it as to be wasted because I've caught a seasonal cold... pff :/. At least I can play on the nintendo 64. It kinda cheers me up to play my favorite games :)

Anyway, I've recently being gathering some cosplay ideas for Otakuthon 2012. I want a cosplay that will relay on workmanship rather that accessories, because I prefer to sew and that I need to work on that badly. Zelda looked great on the outside, but she could have been a hundred times better on the inside. I want to make a costume like Perona again: comfortable, beautiful, cute and great workmanship! Also with bows and the color pink!

I also want to cosplay a magical girl. I feel like it would be fun! It's too bad that none of my friends feel like cosplaying one with me tough... or maybe just my younger sister. Anybody feels like joining me? xD

As of today, the ideas I've gathered are the following:

:bulletpink:Mew Ichigo from Tokyo Mew Mew…
It has all my favorite colors, great workmanship details and my younger sister told me that she would like to cosplay as pudding. :)

:bulletpink:Card Captor Sakura…
I love Card Captor Sakura, but I feel like it is a bit overdone and that it lacks details. I would love to add some tiny angel wings to go with her                  dress tough! My mother is also interested in cosplaying a Clow Card xD

:bulletpink:Sailor Moon: old school version…
I've always loved sailor moon. She was my idol when I was younger (even if I didn't understood a word of english back then!). I could work on my Sailor Uranus cosplay to make my Sailor Moon cosplay. Did you know that at first, my Uranus costume was supposed to be Sailor Moon's? I simply haven't been able to make Sailor Moon properly because I had gotten the wrong wig by mail. It was a pity. Altough I would love to cosplay as Sailor Moon, I feel like if I revamp my old costume I can't take it to the masquerade, and I would love to participate in Otakuthon's masquerade again this year.

:bulletpink:Kaname Madoka or Tomoe Mami from puella Magi Madoka Magica……
I love PMMM. It's one of the best Magical Girl series that is not meant for kids. I would love to cosplay this, but I'm afraid that I may not have the time to make everything of great quality and that I would pay too much attention to tiny details on the outside and that everything turns out like my Princess Zelda cosplay (outside better than inside while they should be equaly good), which would be a no-no for my next costume. Also I'm afraid that I won't have enough time since I want to get a part-time job this summer.

:bulletpink:Some Magical Girl from Precure…
I don't know why, but Precure always interested me. I've never watched the animes, but I like some of their outfits. Maybe I like it because I have a strong interest for magical girls in general xD

I also have another ton of series that I would love to cosplay sometime but just have too much details or that I can't do for Otakuthon because I don't have much time, such as Kraehe (final version with the ball gown) from Princess Tutu, June May from cloth road, Rozen Maiden, etc. I have so much Ideas that I don't know which one I'll make first. xD

Do you have any more suggestions for a group/magical girl/other anime for Otakuthon 2012? If so, please comment :)

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Haha, I was going to propose you to do a Precure cosplay x3
If I had the money and the skills, I would be pleased to do a magical girl cosplay with you. Maybe in a few years ^^'
I didn't see a lot of episode of Precure, just saw like maybe the 12 first episodes of Precure 5, but I like it, more action and the oufit are pretty awesome. I like Cure Aqua ^_^
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Oh, it could be a good idea! My twin sister also likes their outfits. I don't know if she still likes the idea of wearing short skirts and butterflies jewels tough xD

If I had to choose, I would probably pick Cure Dream of Cure Mint.

Skills are all about practice, I don't have all of it myself, but I wish to work on them a lot for the next few months so I can still compete in masquerades!

Maybe we can keep the idea and work on our skills for the next year or so? I'm always ready for a magical girl costume anyway :D
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Keep the idea, yes sure, I want to learn how to sew and make my own cosplay. It's one of my personal project.

But it could be really fun to keep the idea, sure. Plus, I want to say, I think a tokyo mew mew cosplay it too simple for you x) But... It could be fun to see a ''good'' tokyo mew mew cosplay, for once, I didn't see a lot of good ones until now.
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Frankly speaking, a tokyo mew mew cosplay looks like a great challenge to me for craftmanship because I could learn how to make a kind of corset and also because I could put a lot more time on the craftmanship rather than tiny little details, which I tend not to do at times because I am a perfectionnist. My Zelda costume would be the proof of that.

I also encourage you to learn how to sew, it is a very fun hobby once you are getting good at it! I would suggest you to start with something quite simple so you can work on every sewing details and have a very well-made costume. A simple, well made costume is always worth more than a complicated, weirdly made one. xD

But beware - if it looks simple it doesn't mean that it will be simple to make. I learne that the hard way. xD
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True, I forgot about those famous corsets. Have fun with it, by the way! ^_^
I was thinking to do a gender bender of Shinigami-sama ( Soul Eater ), it could be simple and I can ''invent'' it, but some people doesn't seems to like gender bender cosplay or things like that, so I don't know ^^'

Plus, if I learn to sew, it will maybe help me to increase my patience ._.
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Gender benders can be great ideas if they are well executed :)

Yes, sewing will defenitly help you increase your patience xD

Good luck with your first home-made cosplay!
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Thx you :D
And thx for the watch by the way! ^_^
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You are welcome! I tough that I was watching you already, but it was apparently not the case xD
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