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I've decided to make a new cosplay gallery to have a better gallery and also to somewhat "get a name" as a cosplayer. I watch some people on deviantart who have become successful by cosplaying and sometimes I just tell myself... wow. I wish I could be such a person. It will also clear out my gallery somehow xD

Thus, I just felt like I needed a fresh start.

But that doesn't mean that this account will be inactive! In fact, I'll keep it and try to upload some fan arts or other works that I do that doesn't relate to cosplay on this account. I also want to keep it because I can see how my art improved in the past years.

If you want to follow me, please go to Rose-Pastel! :)

And I'm sorry for the spam. ^^"

On another note, I think that my next costume will be Kaname Madoka from Puella Magi Madoka Magica. I'll make her magical girl costume first and, if I have time, I'll also make her school uniform. I'm also hoping for my best friend to cosplay as Akemi Homura!

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I always love to see Madoka Magica cosplays around. Go for it! :)
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Thank you. I'll do my best to have a great cosplay!
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Aw, you are going to be so cute in pink! :la:
More cosplay, moooooooore cosplays!
Good luck with those ^_^
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Thank you very much :)