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Tutorial: How to wash a wig

:bulletred: EDIT: Try not to brush a wig when its wet. I've learned this just after writing this tutorial. Since I'm too lazy to redo the whole thing (and because I never knew that you weren't supposed to brush a wet wig), there is how you would proceed:
- Wash the wig just like you would in this tutorial.
- put it on a wig stand and let it dry completely. DON'T BRUSH IT YET!
- When it is completely dry, follow the steps in the tutorial to detangle your wig.

Apparently, brushing a wig when it is wet can cause damages to the fibers, even if they are synthetic. Maybe I'll redo the whole thing if I see that brushing it when it is dry makes a difference when you wash a wig.


Okay, it has been more than a year since I've written a cosplay tutorial. Since I've had positive feedback for it, I figured out: why not make some more?

I've decided to try writing one tutorial per cosplay I make (at least). Or at least a WIP. I think it is great to help other cosplayers by sharing techniques :)

The reason why I've written a tutorial about washing wigs is because I often pass them to my friends, so they travel around quite a lot. The problem is that the more people wear it, the more "greasier" it looks. It looses it's shine and great texture. Plus, when I ask my friends to wash them, they often do not really know how to do it, so I figured that this could help them out.

I've not tried to wash a curly wig yet - I believe that you could still use baking soda and soft soap, but I really don't know how to brush the curls after that (I'm too scared to mess up to try something yet)m especially if they are on clips.

Anyway, if you have any question, feel free to ask me and I'll answer at the best of my capabilities!

Also please credit me if you want to post this tutorial somewhere. :)
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Sailor-Aria's avatar
Would this work for a curly long wig?
joey3311nuu's avatar
Does this method wash off acrylic paint? (From acrylic dyeing)
Liung-Arkeanda's avatar
Question: Why should you not braid too loosely? I got my 120cm wig, and I am always careful to only braid it super loosely so that just stays together.
GoldieKatt's avatar
if it's too loose it will tangle.
Mangalover53's avatar
How about if you don't have a wig net because you got the wig from someone else and you don't have the space to leave it on a headstand either? (doesn't even own real headstand, just uses bratz heads I find in thrift stores after those are washed and hair on them is cut short.)
Grayies-cosplay's avatar
would Johonson baby shampoo ?
Kisshu-Neko's avatar
I think it could work since it is a very soft shampoo, but make sure not to use too much of it because it is meant for human hair at first. :)

It should be tested first, but I assume that since Dove can work, Jonson could work as well.
Kisshu-Neko's avatar
You are welcome!
vetwin's avatar
hey can u do one like this but for curly wigs?? or curly clip ins?
Kisshu-Neko's avatar
I would love to, but I unfortunately never tried to wash a curly wig before. I plan on trying it out soon tough!
vetwin's avatar
im like sooo scared to wash my wig
Kisshu-Neko's avatar
I am too, honestly. But I'll need to wash it anyway...

I think there are some other very good tutorials on deviantart. They don't use the same method as I do, but they do explain how to re-curl a wig :)
vetwin's avatar
all i really no is do not use shampoo cus its make for human hair. and do not use hot water cus it will ruin the curls and to lay it our on a towel letting it dry and make curls it self. there a really good youtube vid about it somewhere
xXRealityFadesXx's avatar
Thank you! Your wig-washing tutorial REALLY helped with my Misa Amane and Hinata Hyuga wigs! :)
Kisshu-Neko's avatar
You are welcome! Just don't forget to brush the wig when it is entirely dry or it could damage it.
Mudkipz4evar's avatar
can I use any kind of soap that is used for laundry?
Kisshu-Neko's avatar
I'm not sure about that, as there could be chemicals (or something that you're not aware of) in the soap and it could ruin your wig. I would say that it is safe to use soft soap tough, like DOVE or pink diswasher soap (sorry, I don't know how it is called but it is a pink, bubblegum-colored soap that doesn't smell).
Mudkipz4evar's avatar
okay, I will see what I can do :3
SneakyMuffins's avatar
This is so helpful! Thank you! C:
Kisshu-Neko's avatar
You are welcome! But don't forget not to brush a wet wig if you can avoid it tough. I've learned that after writing the tutorial ^^''
AmaiNeiko's avatar
So is the wig you used in the tutorial heat resistant or not? =x i have a long straight wig for cosplaying Hyuga Hinata and the tag has the blow dryer and flat iron X'ed out so i know mines not heat resistant >.<; i had seen something that said the way to wash heat resistant wigs is different from non-heat resistant wigs but dunno how true that is. So just wondering what type yours is. =x
Kisshu-Neko's avatar
The long wig I used is heat-resistant, but I'm not sure about the short one.

This tutorial shows the method I would use for both type of wigs, because it uses cold water and that your wigs dries naturally. I think that as long as you use cold water an no hairdryers or heat, you'll be fine.

I didn't know that there were supposed to be different washing methods depending on the "heat-resistant" factor tough :o
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