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Plusle - Hiding

I don't have the pictures of Princess Zelda yet -since they aren't on my camera- so there is the Plusle cosplay I wore on the Sunday of G-Anime 2012!

This costume has a sentimental value to me as it is my very first cosplay. Back in 2009 my mother made it for me (and for the very first G-Anime) and the experience I had with it made me hooked to cosplay. I've been wanting to do more costumes and projects and masquerades ever since :)

I hope you enjoy! I'll have some pictures of Zelda very soon!

:iconkisshu-neko: As plusle (model)
Costume and picture by my mother who always supported my hobby :)
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Cosplayequinox's avatar
Bahhhhhh I love Plusle and Minun!!! And you look so adorables!
Kisshu-Neko's avatar
Thank you very much! :heart:
TeamMagmaGirl25's avatar
what are the ears made from? ^^
Kisshu-Neko's avatar
We used foam covered in fabric to make the red part of the ears. The yellow circles are made like a plushie (fabric+stuffing). The ears are hand-sewn to the hoodie :)
TeamMagmaGirl25's avatar
what kind of foam?
Kisshu-Neko's avatar
Sorry, I do not remember what kind of foam it was. But it was white and soft, the kind you could use to make fursuits or cushions. I think you can buy them in fabric stores or craft stores.
TeamMagmaGirl25's avatar
i think i am using the same foam i use for my darkrai project...i bought it at walmart
Kisshu-Neko's avatar
Yes, I think that wallmart sells it too in their craft section :)
sorryfire's avatar
Kisshu-Neko's avatar
Thank you! It is also one of my favorites, it is so comfy and cute!
melodyselenee's avatar
omg je t'ai vu mais je n'étais pas sur si c'était toi D:
Kisshu-Neko's avatar
Eh oui, c'était bien moi xD

On a dû se croiser durant la convention. Étais-tu déguisée ou quelque chose dans le genre?
melodyselenee's avatar
oui j'étais en Aradia de Homestuck avec un Eridan, une Nepeta et un Sollux... le vendredi et samedi, et en original character dimanche...
Kisshu-Neko's avatar
Hum... désolée, j'ai vue plusieurs dizaine de personne déguisées en homestruck tous les jours et je ne suis pas certaine de connaître Nepeta et Sollux.
melodyselenee's avatar
D: ce n'est pas grave ^^;
Kisshu-Neko's avatar
Encore désolée ^^''

On se reprendra une prochaine fois!
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