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1st and Main by kisses-from-an-angel 1st and Main :iconkisses-from-an-angel:kisses-from-an-angel 1 0 Let's go Upstairs by kisses-from-an-angel Let's go Upstairs :iconkisses-from-an-angel:kisses-from-an-angel 0 0 On the Playground by kisses-from-an-angel On the Playground :iconkisses-from-an-angel:kisses-from-an-angel 4 0
Old Makorra Snippet
She couldn’t sleep. The more she thought about the final match, the more she tossed and turned. Naga softly padded over to her bed side, giving a loving and concerned growl. Korra scratched behind her ears.
“It’s alright girl, just some pre-game jitters.” That was a lie. Not only had the competition proved to be tougher than she thought, but she had made matters worse with her ridiculous confession. How could she have been so stupid to keep pushing Mako like that? And she didn’t even want to think about their kiss. She hadn’t been thinking, obviously. She was too brash, too impulsive… And what had that achieved? Nearly losing the Fire Ferrets a match, an even more confused Mako, and a heart broken Bolin. Poor Bolin. He had done nothing but adore her and she couldn’t even spare a backwards glance once Mako had told her he liked her.
“Ughhh…” Korra buried her face into her hands. She had never had to deal with boy proble
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Don't Worry
Amon hit her before she even had a chance to process his words of warning. Everything went black. Memories that weren't hers flashed across her mind. But she recognized all the faces from pictures Master Katara had shown her. Sokka, Toph, and Aang. Where were these coming from?
And then she was awake. Everything was hazy and dark. She was on the floor. Her head hurt and her body felt heavy.
"Korra!" She heard a familiar voice shout her name. All of the sudden, someone had her shoulders and was helping her sit up. "Are you alright? I knew this was a bad idea. He could have seriously hurt you… Are you alright?" Mako. It was Mako who had found her.
"Y-yeah. I'm fine," she answered, her voice wavering.
"What happened?" Mako let one hand fall but the other kept a firm grip on her shoulder still. "Did Amon hurt you at all? Did he take away your bending?"
Korra looked at her hand as she lit a fire and then snuffed it out. "No. I-I'm fine," she said quietly, still not looking up.
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Love Hesitates
Love hesitates, stumbles.
Chokes on its words.
Looks to its reciever in silence
Wishing to be heard.
Expectation awaits
While it tries to speak
Could one say those words
While feeling so weak?
I'm weak because I'm scared
Not for fear of rejection.
No I'm scared because I'm weak
To show my affection.
You have a great charm.
A handsome smile, that's true.
Fine, I won't hesitate and just say it -
"I really like you."
:iconkisses-from-an-angel:kisses-from-an-angel 1 0
Black Rock Shooter Naka 2011 by kisses-from-an-angel Black Rock Shooter Naka 2011 :iconkisses-from-an-angel:kisses-from-an-angel 6 13 L4D: Hunter by kisses-from-an-angel L4D: Hunter :iconkisses-from-an-angel:kisses-from-an-angel 10 21
Zutara - Forgive Me
Disclaimer: I do not own picture displayed for this story. It was only my inspiration. Please check my A/N for link and artist of picture. Also, I do not own Avatar nor its characters/main plotlines. Those respectfully belong to Mike, Bryan, & Nickelodeon.
Water swirled around her, glittering and bending the moonlight. Katara closed her eyes, feeling the chi flow through her as the water pushed and pulled with her hands. No other feeling in the world could compare to this, she knew for sure. To waterbend beneath a full moon felt so right and so intoxicating… It was pure ecstasy. Katara opened her eyes to the bright moonlight, drinking in the large moon looming over her. A hero and guiding spirit in many of her nation's tales, she felt it was an honor to come out to ledge of the Western Air Temple and practice her waterbending under such beauty.
Katara let the water splash to the ground, knowing she could easily clean it up later. She sat in her little puddle of bending wate
:iconkisses-from-an-angel:kisses-from-an-angel 107 33
Spider and Sun
Lower standards
Handle with care
Let's spin this web
Of lies of love
Lessons are never learned
Trample the women
Lose all children
The village idiot-
Everyone wants one
Turn my dial
As day becomes knight
Lie was a path to love
With concrete pavement
:iconkisses-from-an-angel:kisses-from-an-angel 0 0
Cloud Strife: Naka-kon 2010 by kisses-from-an-angel Cloud Strife: Naka-kon 2010 :iconkisses-from-an-angel:kisses-from-an-angel 6 13
Deprivation of Regeneration
Tick tick, more lost
Time slips by
No rest, no love
For these weary eyes
The lights, they lurk
Taunting my pain
This thing owns me
I'm under it's rein
How cruel, how sick
To rely on such drills
Of things such as books
And controlling white pills
The healing and nurture
What gives me such life
Is stolen, all's lost
I'm still awake tonight.
:iconkisses-from-an-angel:kisses-from-an-angel 7 7
Digimon Play Time by kisses-from-an-angel Digimon Play Time :iconkisses-from-an-angel:kisses-from-an-angel 5 21 Digimon Siblings by kisses-from-an-angel Digimon Siblings :iconkisses-from-an-angel:kisses-from-an-angel 15 11 Digimon Love Triangle by kisses-from-an-angel Digimon Love Triangle :iconkisses-from-an-angel:kisses-from-an-angel 7 2 We are the DigiDestined by kisses-from-an-angel We are the DigiDestined :iconkisses-from-an-angel:kisses-from-an-angel 20 45


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