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The KiSS viewer you should download and install depends on your operating system and hardware. Here's a simple overview of some popular viewers. It should be pretty straightforward, even if you're new to KiSS.

FKiSS: This acronym refers to French KiSS, the coding language used in KiSS sets. The number given denotes how current a version of FKiSS is being used; FKiSS4 was developed most recently, FKiSS3 is an older version, and so on. Basically, a viewer will correctly display sets using FKiSS versions up to and including the one listed - for example, Direct KiSS will display sets up to FKiSS4 (essentially all sets), whereas PlayFKiSS can only handle FKiSS3 or earlier (you won't be able to view some more recent sets).

If you're confused, just choose the most up-to-date viewer your system can handle. The more recent a version of FKiSS you can view, the more sets you will be able to play with.

:kiss: WINDOWS
  • Direct KiSS (FKiSS4)
    The premier KiSS viewer for Windows, developed by Dov Sherman (DovSherman). It uses Direct-X, so you will need a 3D capable graphics card in order to use this viewer (most modern computers have one of these). If you are unsure, you can try to install it - you'll find out soon enough if it doesn't work!
  • PlayFKiSS (FKiSS3)
    People with older computers and weaker hardware (not 3D capable, low RAM) may want to use this viewer. It will display most KiSS sets, especially older sets.

  • Kisekae UltraKiSS for Mac OS (FKiSS4)
    This is an up-to-date Java-based viewer that supports all current FKiSS coding types.
  • !PlayKiSS for RISC OS (FKiSS4)
    A current KiSS viewer for those using this lesser-known OS.
  • PocketKiSS for Pocket PC (FKiSS3, some FKiSS4)
    This viewer for Pocket PC is fairly recent, implementing some FKiSS4 functions in addition to fully supporting FKiSS3.
  • GnomeKiSS for Unix (FKiSS3)
  • Foks for Linux (FKiSS3)

Feel free to note the club with any questions!
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None of them work in Windows 8.