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Modern Assassin -greyscale ver-

By Kissakisan
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Part experiment/stylistic exploration, part concept art.

I was toying around with some designs for a modern-day Assassin (other than Desmond, obviously)
Aside from a characteristic white hoodie (based on one I'm currently wearing :p), I figured that a cheap and disposable hidden-blade would likely be popular with lower-level assassins and trainees. I based this one on a beefed-up box-cutter design.

Like with many modern rioters, the need to ditch all incriminating evidence (i.e. your weapon) is a very real possibility. This makes the idea of bringing an expensive, heirloom-quality weapon along a pretty crappy idea, to say the least. :p
(I took a queue from modern-day slingers in Palestine, who often just throw together some fugly yet functional slings, since they know they're just going to trash it after they run away. Getting caught with one after using it to attack people--suck as Israeli defense forces, is an automatic ticket for some pretty harsh punishment.)
More experienced assassins probably wouldn't have to worry about this as much though. :p

This is also my first time using Paint tool SAI. Why I have not used it before is beyond me. However, I love that little program now :)
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This is quite beautiful, and logical! Everyone wins! This ghost-like mist effect works quite well, I look forward to a colour version, but I do like this version very much as it. :)
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Well look who's back!!
Appreciation abounds, mein freunde :{D
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It's been far too long I admit, but glad to see new stuff from you too old chum. :)
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Fade into the mist like a ghost in the night

That is one rad hoodie, okay :iconrlytearplz:

Also agreeing with the concept of disposable weapons :'o
Deed's done, don't let the tool drag you down! :noes:
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*Shanks out of thanks*
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//lies on the side of the road// DAMMIT
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GAHHH oh my goodness this looks so amazing! your shading is gorgeous!
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no problem at all sweetie ^o^ <333
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