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Osomatsu-san Icons

Guess who's been watching "Osomatsu-San"? :dummy::blush:

You are all welcome to use these lovely Matsuno sextuplets as your icons or however you may please! Credit is required! 

Individual icons are here! :la:

Osomatsu- Osomatsu Icon by Kiss-the-Iconist
Todomatsu- Todomatsu Icon by Kiss-the-Iconist
Jyushimastu- Jyushimatsu Icon by Kiss-the-Iconist
Choromatsu- Choromatsu Icon by Kiss-the-Iconist
Karamatsu- Karamatsu Icon by Kiss-the-Iconist
Ichimatsu- Ichimatsu Icon by Kiss-the-Iconist

Osomatsu-San © Fujio Akatsuka
Star!Please, do not claim as your own, use it for profit (money wise), or use outside of dA without my permission. Do not edit or alter my work.
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© 2015 - 2021 Kiss-the-Iconist
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Jyushi you derp XD
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Osomatsu-san | non-core f2u code by EndlessCoffee used here (I give credit) 
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Ahhhhhhh~ :la:
I love it!!
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Kara Pervyface Icon by Kiss-the-Iconist :iconsaysplz: So, you have come to use the beauty that is me, my Karamatsu girl~
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Karamatsu = the ultimate beauty 💙
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Using Karamatsu (Best matsu brother) xD
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i love your osomatsu-san icons so much aaa
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using choro 
he's so cute! :heart:
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Love'em!! Nice job ^U^
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